12 yr. Old Seriously Injured By Truck Accident

12yr. old Garrison F. Miles of Holden, MO., was struck by a truck that was attempting to back through a snow drift. Garrison, a pedestrian, was struck by the 2008 Ford F350 when it attempted to plow through a snow drift going backwards. The child was reported to have serious injuries and was taken to Research Medical Center. Reports did not indicate whether or not the child was taken by ambulance, or perhaps air-lifted to the hospital.

The majority of the other reported traffic incidents, undoubtedly caused by the winter snow storm, for the most part only involved minor and moderate injuries. There have been relatively few fatal injuries, thanks in part to the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s website indicates that the total number of car and truck accidents with reported fatalities was down in 2013 as compared to 2012. In 2013, there was a reported 744 total fatal accidents on the roadways, down from the reported 826 fatal accidents in 2012. Why the drop? Or was 2012, just a really bad year for driving in Missouri? If we look at the 2011 numbers, we might assume that the numbers are still trending downward, but not as much as it looks at first glance. In 2011 there was a reported 786 fatalities on the Missouri roadways, so when compared to the 2013 numbers of 744, the drop is a little more modest.

Are Missouri’s Roadways Getting Safer?

That’s still up for debate. Already this year there have been 6 reported fatalities, and we’re on pace with the numbers we saw in 2013. However, with the recent winter snow storm that struck Missouri, it’s hard to say that we’re giving this an apples to apples comparison. Only time will tell as we head in to spring as to whether or not Missouri’s roadways are getting safer this year. It is also important for us to remember that we need to look further back than just one year to get an accurate estimation of the most recent trends. If we only look back one year, than we are using a very small sample size to make inferences about the entire population. As any statistics fan can tell you, the larger the sample size, the more accurate the estimations become for the entire population. Until we see more data reported from the Highway Patrol and local Police Departments, we won’t know for sure if our streets are getting safer to drive on this year.

There have been massive changes to the Missouri DWI laws this year, making St. Louis a “No Refusal Zone”, meaning a driver who is pulled over on suspicion of D.W.I., will no longer need to submit to a chemical test. The Police Officer on the scene will be able to obtain a warrant to search the suspected traffic violator’s blood, a process expected to take only 90 minutes in total. If you or someone you know has been pulled over and is looking for excellent representation, please have them call our office today.

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