2-Year Old Girl Struck by Ice Cream Truck and Killed, Wentzville, MO

In Wentzville, MO, a 2-year-old girl was struck and killed by an ice cream truck on September 17th, 2018. The truck was coming to a stop across the street when the little girl was hit. The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported on the accident on September 17th, along with information on how donations can be made to the family to help with funeral expenses.

Between cell phone use, speeding, and being under the influence, commercial truck accidents are more common than most might think. While you might think that a truck accident such as this will never happen to you, these truck accidents happen 500,000 times a year and about 5,000 of these are fatal. Commercial trucks are often the more protected party, and the driver generally walks away unscathed.

It is important for pedestrians and drivers to stay aware of their surroundings, and for commercial truck drivers to stay alert and drive safely to decrease the chance of these accidents. Commercial truck accidents typically happen during the daytime, and can affect your friends and family at any moment and any time.

Have You Been in a Commercial Truck Accident?

If you or your friend or family member are hit by a commercial truck, be sure to take pictures of the scene (skid marks, scuff marks, etc), take down names and contact information for all involved parties (people involved, witnesses, etc.), and make sure not to sign anything from the commercial truck driving company. These commercial truck driving companies and their drivers are insured by large insurance companies who may try to take advantage of you while you’re in a vulnerable state. Immediately contact a St. Louis truck accident lawyer if you’re involved in a commercial truck driving accident. These professionals will be able to ensure that you’re protected and that the critical evidence documented from the scene is preserved.

Typically, the size of the settlement for personal injury claims we win at Dixon Injury Firm take loss of wages, medical bills, and cost of recovery into account. Being involved in a commercial truck accident can be painful and expensive, and can not only affect your health but your career as well. Contact a Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer today for more information on dealing with these cases. The Dixon Injury Firm also provides free case reviews and consultations.

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