Archive: October, 2011

Bulging Disc – Spinal Injury

Bulging and Herniated discs are all too common injuries after a car accident. Do not settle your injury case until you are 100% sure... Continue Reading

Topomax Anti-Seizure Medication Birth Defect Litigation

The Johnson & Johnson drug Topomax (generic version Topiramate) is under fire from reports linking its ingestion by expecting mothers to birth defects. Continue Reading

Wage and Hour Claims – Forced Overtime

As the economy tightens, employers often try to get more for less from their employees. This illegal practice entitles the victim to reimbursement for... Continue Reading

Debt Forgiveness Taxes and Zombie Debt

Creditors will often stop at nothing in their attempts to collect a dept. Zombie debt scams occur when you have paid a bill or... Continue Reading

DePuy Implant Recall – Missouri Product Liability Information

DePuy has again placed profits ahead of the public and rushed a defective product to market. DePuy is recalling their ASR XL Acetabular and... Continue Reading

Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement Recall

NexGen knee replacements, made by Zimmer, are being recalled after reports link the components to early failure and health complications. Continue Reading

Birth Defects Linked to Antidepressants

Mothers taking SSRI antidepressants are warned to urgently consult with their medical doctors to avoid unwanted birth defects. Continue Reading

Listeriosis Outbreak linked to Cantaloupes

Melon samples from Jensen Farms are begin blamed for a recent listeria outbreak. To date, the outbreak is being reported to have caused up... Continue Reading

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  • Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

    Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

    After an injury, you may be asking yourself, “Do I need an attorney?” The answer is yes, you most likely do. Millions are injured...
  • Pain in the Neck: Neck Injuries After a Car Accident

    Pain in the Neck: Neck Injuries After a Car Accident

    Drivers generally have their backs firmly pressed up against the seat. However, the neck and head are often rotating and scanning for danger. When...
  • Common Back Injuries After a Car Accident

    Common Back Injuries After a Car Accident

    Rear end car accidents are extremely common. The forces involved in these crashes often result in back injuries. Back injuries that damage the spinal...
  • 6 Common Types of Car and Commercial Truck Accident Claims

    6 Common Types of Car and Commercial Truck Accident Claims

    According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 3,185 people were injured in commercial truck accidents in 2014, and another 47,977 people were injured in...
  • Infection Risks of COVID-19 in Long Term-Care Facilities

    Infection Risks of COVID-19 in Long Term-Care Facilities

    COVID-19 in Long Term-Care Facilities According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on average, individuals over the age of 65 are...
  • Missouri Commercial Vehicle Lawsuits

    Missouri Commercial Vehicle Lawsuits

    The average commercial vehicle weighs 80,000 pounds when loaded with cargo, which is more than five times the size of a standard passenger vehicle....

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