Safe Driving in a Flash Flood

With flash flood warnings plaguing our weather forecasts, and a flash flood watch in effect through Wednesday morning, it is important to be familiar with how to drive in this type of inclement weather. Flash flooding is caused by a large amount of rain that falls that in a short amount of time. Flash floods are known to cause small streams to expand and swell over roadways in a matter of seconds. It is important to remember that fast moving water only two feet deep can wash away vehicles. Thus, at this type of year, becoming familiar with how to drive in flash floods is invaluable.

If a flash flood watch or warning is issued, or you witness water rising quickly, it is important to take action immediately. Drive away from areas subject to flooding such as dips, canyons, creek beds, etc. Avoid areas that are near rivers and streams as well as areas that are already experiencing flooding. Never drive through a flooded roadway, no matter how high or low the rushing water appears. If your vehicle stalls, it is recommended that you abandon it to seek higher ground. Be especially careful when driving at night, as it is difficult to see the dangers of rushing water in the dark. Similarly, do not park your vehicle along areas that are subject to flooding during a time of threatening conditions.

If flash flooding occurs while you are in close contact with other cars, pull over if you can do so safely. If you feel comfortable enough to drive and the roadways are not covered in water, reduce your speed. Make sure that your headlights are on and that other motorists can see your vehicle. Keep your mind on the task and your eyes on the roadway at all times.

While you can practice safe driving during inclement conditions, you cannot always be sure that others are practicing these same tactics. Reckless and negligent driving often occurs when an individual drives in a manner that is not appropriate for the conditions at hand. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from the reckless driving of another motorist, it is in your best interest to contact accident lawyer Christopher R. Dixon today. Feel free to contact personal injury attorney Chris Dixon at 314.409.7060.


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