68yr. Old St. Louis Man Dies In Crash

Ronald E. Aboussie, 68, of St. Louis, MO died in a fatal car accident at around 1:00 pm on January 13, 2014. Aboussie was allegedly traveling on Interstate 55 and traveled off the north side of the ramp and down an embankment. He was pronounced dead by personnel with the Mehlville Fire Protection District.

Lisa J. Volner, 44, of Norwood, MO was seriously injured when she was run over by a Dodge Ram truck. The accident occurred on private property, and the vehicle was being operated by Clarence E. Napier. Volner was apparently in the vehicle, got out, slipped and fell under the rear right tire of the truck. The truck eventually rolled over the right side of Volner, at which point Napier stopped the truck and got out to help his injured friend.

Robert L. Pratt was seriously injured and totaled his 2005 Ford Mustang when he suffered a medical condition, and traveled off the left side of the roadway, striking the median cable posts that line the street. Pratt was taken to Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur by helicopter. No further information on Pratt has been reported at this time.

Nobody Knows Why These Things Happen

There have been several serious and fatal accidents on Missouri roadways over the past couple days. Perhaps, after being cooped up in the house for several days Missouri drivers, are finally getting out and driving a little faster than they otherwise normally would. Perhaps there are still some dangerous driving conditions out there as a result of the recent snow storms. For whatever reason, Missouri drivers need to remember to be safe when operating a vehicle, and to take turns and ramps with a little more caution.

Almost all of the serious and fatal injures since the start of the new year involve incidents where the vehicle travels off the road and hits a tree, an embankment, or worst of all on-coming traffic. No matter what you are doing, it’s never worth the risk to drive faster than the speed limit, and take extra precautions when driving in hazardous conditions such as rain and snow. If another driver, even if there was no contact and they left the scene, was the reason your vehicle left the roadway, you may still be able to present an uninsured motorist claim and recover for your injuries.

Even If You Are Being Safe, Others Might Not

Unfortunately, sometimes the actions of others can cause us harm, no matter how many precautions we have taken, or how safe we try to be. This is the unfortunate reality that we all face, every time we get behind the wheel of a car. That’s because if someone else on the road, isn’t being safe, is driving drunk, or has simply lost control of their vehicle, we may be injured as a result of their negligent or harmful actions.

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