St. Louis Bicycle Accident Claims

While there are fewer cyclists on the roads than cars and trucks, the injury and mortality rates are much higher than the average motorist. According to the CDC, out of 500,000 bicycle injuries approximately 1,000 result in death.

Dixon’s bicycle accident attorneys specialize in personal injury law and other claims. We’ve seen our share of bicycle accidents, too, and understand how difficult these cases can be for victims and their families.

Bicycle injury claims typically involve a car or truck. Any legal action, then, is figuring out how the accident happened and who is to blame. The bicycle injury lawyers at Dixon will work with victims to make sure they receive medical costs, lost wages, and other damage compensation.

Bicycle accidents can happen for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the common ones Dixon Injury Firm has handled in the past:

  • Inattentive riding and driving
  • Speeding and tight turns
  • Poor road conditions (rain, construction, too dark, etc.)
  • The driver of cyclist is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • A car backs out of a driveway or parking spot

Bicycle Accident Lawyers | By the Numbers

Most bicycle-related numbers are, unfortunately, rote by this point. Here are a few of these cold facts:

  • Male cyclists are four-times more likely to be injured than females
  • One-third of bicycle deaths involve alcohol on behalf of a cyclist or driver
  • People aged 5-to-19 have higher rates of nonfatal bike-related injuries
  • The majority of bike-related deaths are caused by distracted drivers
  • The majority of deaths happen in urban locations

Not much of a surprise, is it? The bike accident lawyers at Dixon Injury Firm make it a priority to help bicycle accident victims and their families recover from these incidents.

One of the important components of winning a personal injury bicycle claim is to establish liability. Let’s use the typical driver-vs-bicyclist scenario: Both parties are legally obligated to follow traffic laws and practice reasonable care. Usually, a St. Louis bicycle accident attorney will prove that the driver was being negligent in some fashion. This may fall under distracted or drunk driving, texting, speeding, or not sharing lanes. The cyclist, of course, is as liable for following traffic laws and may share responsibility, but with the right bicycle accident lawyer the blame (and expenses) tend to fall in favor of the cyclist.

We also need to consider bicycle laws pertaining to children. As mentioned previously, children and adolescents make up a large percentage of nonfatal bike accidents. The same amount of reasonable care is expected in terms of following safe cycling and traffic laws apply in most cases, though younger children are often exempt. What bicycle accident attorneys look for in these cases is to find negligence on the part of the driver. Did the accident take place in a low-speed zone, near a school, around the corner from a playground? Were “Caution” signs in place? All of these factors need to be considered.

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Remember: Even if a bike accident seems minor or you assume it’s your fault, it’s important to find legal help when medical expenses and personal wellbeing are on the line. Let us know what Dixon Injury Firm can do to help.

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