Broken Femur Accident Injuries

The femur shaft (thigh) is the strongest and longest bone in the human body. The femur is responsible for supporting the majority of the weight of the human body and is vital to our mobility. It takes a great deal of force to break the femoral shaft. Femur shaft fractures are often reported in auto accidents, workers’ compensation accidents, and falls.

Types of Femur Fractures

Femur fractures can vary greatly depending the severity of the break. Medical professionals classify femur fractures based on where the break occurs. When discussing femur fractures, the femur is divided into thirds: the distal, middle and proximal. The distal section of the femur is the portion closest to the hip, while the proximal is the section closes to the knee. Your medical professional will refer to your distal femur fracture, proximal femur fracture, or middle femur fracture depending on the location of the break.

A femur fracture is also classified depending on the pattern of the break. Several classifications are as follows:

  • Open Fracture: An open femur fracture is the most significant. An open fracture occurs when the bone breaks and pierces the skin, leaving bone fragments exposed. An open fracture (a.k.a. compound fracture) is associated with damage to surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Spiral Fracture: A spiral fracture is identified when the break circles the bone. Spiral fractures are often the result of twisting to the leg.
  • Oblique Fracture: This fracture is seen in x-rays with a diagonal fracture lines across the femur.
  • Transverse Fracture: The fracture line is horizontal in a transverse break.
  • Comminuted Fracture: This fracture refers to to a femur break in which the femur is left in three or more pieces.

Femur Fracture Diagnosis and Treatment

Femur fractures are generally identified by undergoing an x-ray or CT scan ordered by your doctor. Most femur fractures are accompanied by immediate pain and decreased mobility. If your femoral fracture is the result of an accident, your medical professionals will also benefit from information such as how fast the vehicles were traveling, whether you were wearing your seat belt, and whether the airbags deployed.

The majority of femur fractures require surgery to repair. Femur surgeries come in two main types:

  1. Plates and Screws: Certain femur breaks will be repaired by inserting plates and screws to hold the bone fragments in place.
  2. Intramedullary Rod: Other femur fractures require a long rod to be inserted through the middle of the bone in order to hold the bone fragments in place. Fractures that are long enough to extend into the hip socket or knee will often require an intramedullary rod to repair.

Femur fractures will require a substantial amount of recovery time. In addition to rest, most femur fractures will require physical therapy to build up strength and mobility. With any femur fracture where hardware is placed in the leg, the victim will be at an increased risk of future infection, hardware failure, blood clots, incorrect alignment, nerve damage, fat embolism, or hardware irritation.

Femur Fracture Accident Attorney

The Dixon Injury Firm has helped femur fracture victims recover maximum compensation for their injuries. It is crucial that femur injury patients never settle their case until they have reached maximum medical improvement. As an attorney for femur fractures, it is my responsibility to determine the cost associated with the future complications which may occur. Injury victims are unable to return to court in the future and seek additional compensation if future complications arise. This makes it crucial that you do not settle your case until you have been fully reimbursed for all aspects of your case.

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