Broken Femur – Intramedullary Rod Repair

The femur  is the longest and largest bone in the human body. The femur, or thigh bone, extends from the knee joint up to the hip joint. Due to the size and strength of the femur, a significant force is required to break or fracture the bone. The trauma involved in car accidents, truck and tractor trailer crashes, and motorcycle accidents are often sufficient to break this massive bone.

Femoral shaft fractures are a severe injury that often results from high speed automobile accidents and significant slip and falls.  The femoral shaft, pictured below, plays a vital role in the support and movement of the human body.

If the femur is broken, orthopedic surgeons often use an intramedually rod to repair the bone.  Inserting an intramedually rod is a highly invasive procedure where a a metal rod is inserted/hammered into the middle of the thigh bone, spearing together the two pieces of bone forced apart by the injury.  In order to secure the rod so the bone may heal, interlocking screws are then placed through the bone and rod to secure the rod from future movement.

Following this invasive procedure, patients have a long road to recovery.  Periods of immobility may last in excess of 6 months, followed by intensive rehabilitation therapy, and pain. The patient will also have a life long scar associated with the incision necessary to insert the metal rod into the bone.  Patients may also experience one or more of some of the following complications:

  • Implant Failures
  • Compartment Syndrome
  • Infection
  • Femoral Non Union
  • Shortening
  • Hetertopic Ossification
  • Irritation Over Screw Sites
  • Screws May Back Out Over Time

It should also be noted that some people are bothered by the idea of this metal rod being inside their body for the remainder of their life.  It is reported that people feel the nail when the whether is cold and in various other circumstances of daily life. If the rod bothers the patient, the patient has the right to have the rod removed after the bone heals if they wish.

It is important that if you suffer a broken femur, you immediately consult with a trauma and/or orthopedic doctor to address your injury. A significant injury of this nature will impact all areas of your life for a substantial period of time. If you suffer a femoral break as the result of the fault of another person, i.e. car accidents, semi-truck accidents, etc., you should further consult with a Missouri personal injury attorney to ensure your future is protected.

The recovery process associated with a femoral fracture is a nightmare. There may be lost wages, repercussions with your employment, inability to return to your previous line of work, medical bills, future medical treatment associated with future unknown complications, and many other harms and losses for which you may be entitled to reimbursement. Contact our Missouri personal injury lawyers today for education related to liability and reimbursement for your broken femur.  Call 1.314.409.7060, or 1.866.869.7060 to discuss your case.

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