Bus Accidents

Between school buses, those that provide public transportation, charter, tour, and shuttle buses, over 360 million passengers travel via bus each year in the U.S. Although overall, buses have a good safety record compared to other modes of transportation, when bus accidents occur they often result in injury both to the bus passengers as well as those in other motor vehicles involved.  This is largely in part due to the bus’s size, and the lack of safety features in most buses.  If you’re injured in a Missouri bus crash, it’s important to contact an experienced St. Louis personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your rights. School Bus Accidents Each year approximately 12,000 kids are injured in school bus accidents – and sadly, 11 lose their lives.  Although this is a small percentage of the over 23 million school-aged children who ride school buses each day, the idea of children being injured in the vehicle that’s supposed to safely transport them to school and back makes any number seem like it’s too high.  The lack of seatbelts in most school buses has seen increasing scrutiny in recent years. Other, smaller buses are required to have seatbelts, yet only 5 states (California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Texas) have any type of school bus seatbelt law in place.  This lack of seatbelts can result in injuries to children that could have been avoided. Commuter and Metro Bus Accidents Buses are an important provider of public transportation in most major metropolitan areas.  Not only do commuter buses transport thousands of people to and from work each day, but many of those who reside in large cities depend on these buses for their everyday transportation needs.  Like school buses, buses that provide public transportation generally do not have seatbelts, and in addition, they’re often very crowded and can frequently require some passengers to stand.  In many cases, these buses are owned by a city or other government entity, so if you’ve been involved in a metro bus accident it’s especially important to retain the services of a skilled personal injury attorney such as Christopher Dixon. Motor Coach Accidents Motor coaches and charter buses transport millions of people long distances each year.  Statistically, motor coaches are the most common type of bus to be involved in a bus crash, due to factors such as driver fatigue and improperly maintained vehicles. However, charter buses usually have safety features that other types of buses lack.  Therefore, those involved in charter bus accidents are less likely to be seriously injured or die.  Still, motor coach accidents do happen, and they result in around 500 injuries and 20 deaths each year.  Those who are injured or lose a loved one in a motor coach accident are just as entitled to compensation for their damages. Bus Accident Causes According to studies, most bus accidents are the result of human error.  This includes things like bus driver inattention as well as larger scale problems such as a lack of proper bus driver training.  However, other factors can also contribute to bus accidents, including faulty equipment, dangerous roads, and poor weather conditions.  Because multiple factors can contribute to a bus accident, it’s important that a full investigation of the facts takes place. How a St. Louis Bus Accident Attorney Can Help An experienced Missouri bus accident lawyer can help recover damages for those who were injured or who lost a loved in a bus accident.  Bus accident cases often involve negotiations with corporations, government entities, and insurance companies, which can be difficult for an individual to handle on their own. In addition, it may be necessary to invest in an accident reconstruction, hire an expert to analyze the circumstances of the bus crash, and obtain police department and medical records. Missouri bus accident attorney Chris Dixon is familiar with the Missouri statutes and Federal Safety Regulations related to bus accidents and can effectively advocate for those who have suffered damages related to a bus accident. You can contact Chris to discuss your by calling him at 1.314.409.4060 or toll free at 855.402.7274. References: National Transportation Safety Board; www.ntsb.gov/safety 2008 Buses Involved in Fatal Accidents Fact Book;  www.umtri.umich.edu/cntbs National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; www.nhtsa.gov

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