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Your whole life can change in no time at all. Being involved in and a victim of a car wreck in Rockwood has enormous repercussions for you and your family. The Rockwood car crash lawyers at Dixon Injury Firm help clients through these stressful claims.

The Rockwood car crash attorneys at Dixon specialize in injury and car-related claims. The Dixon Injury Firm has the resources, capabilities, and experience to ensure you and your loved ones receive the maximum amount of compensation (lost wages, medical bills, and other damages) from insurance companies. Farther down this page we’ll talk about car crash claims to help you better understand the process and what Dixon can do to help. As always, we encourage Rockwood clients to call us at (314) 409-7060 for more information and free case review.

Car Accident Lawyer Rockwood, IL. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), close to 37,000 people die in car crashes each year in the United States. Most fatalities involve distracted driving, speeding, and alcohol. Dixon Injury Firm’s experienced car wreck attorneys help you managing court proceedings, reimbursement, insurance, and other concerns.

Car Accident Attorneys in Rockwood

Beginning a car wreck case in Rockwood, IL, takes organization and time. First, you’ll need to secure professional legal counsel. The seasoned Rockwood car wreck lawyers at Dixon Injury Firm provide grade-A legal counsel to Rockwood clients. Whether victims and their families are seeking medical compensation, car repairs, and additional expenses, Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm have the resources you need to fight any case.

With more than 1,000 car accident-related fatalities every year in Missouri and as many in Illinois, it is important to drive safe and follow the rules of the road. While this sounds obvious, your life and others’ may be at stake.

According to experience, common sense, and the DMV, there are a few steps to take after a car wreck.

  1. Be Safe: Are you in harm’s way? Get medical attention and make sure you and the others involved are safe from current danger, like avoiding oncoming traffic by pulling over.
  2. Call for Help: Call emergency services immediately. If you are unable to, direct a bystander to contact 911.
  3. Collect Information: In a minor collision, swapping insurance and contact information may be all that’s required. Document everything if you can! It’s important not to admit guilt under these circumstances — transfer information, call a tow truck if necessary, and be on your way. It’s better for you to go to the hospital than it is to talk to your insurance company.
  4. Contact Dixon: The St. Louis and Illinois car crash attorneys at Dixon Injury Firm have the resources and experience Rockwood clients deserve to help them through a car wreck. Dixon Injury Firm will do everything in our power to recover losses (financial, personal, medical, etc.) and make sure justice is brought to your Rockwood car wreck claim. Contact us now for additional info and a free consultation.

Bruising, broken bones, head trauma, paralysis, amputation, scarring, and other injuries are common in car accidents. The Rockwood car crash attorneys at Dixon Injury Firm will help you and your family redeem compensation from insurance companies. Claim payouts typically involve: Emotional stress, pain, suffering, lost wages, and past and ongoing medical bills. Dixon Injury Firm will make sure our clients receive maximum reimbursement. With a car accident lawyer at your side, you are better positioned to increase the settlement offer.

How Rockwood insurers determine “fault” and settlements varies by state, the company, and the accident. If you have been in a car accident, do not immediately accept a settlement. The Rockwood, IL, car accident lawyers at Dixon Injury Firm should be one of your first calls.

Rockwood Injury and Car Crash Attorneys

Dixon’s reputation within injury law is backed by recent cases and testimonials from real clients. The Dixon Injury Firm has recovered more than $50 million for clients. In terms of car wrecks, Dixon’s personal injury attorneys in Rockwood have handled claims involving the following:

Car wrecks affect entire families. Our car accident attorneys work to provide families financial compensation and legal counsel. It is Dixon’s job to get clients and their families get through these difficult situations.

More About Car Wreck Attorneys in Rockwood, IL

Christopher R. Dixon and his firm bring leading car accident legal counsel to clients in Rockwood. Our car crash lawyers are dedicated to prime practices. Christopher R. Dixon is recognized by the National Association of Trial Lawyers as a Top 40 Under 40 and Top 100 Trial Lawyer. Chris lives in St. Louis with his family and is a co-founder of the St. Louis Suit Project, a non-profit.

Rockwood car wreck victims and their families can call the Dixon Injury Firm for more information about our contingency payment plan, case reviews, and free consultations. Call (314) 409-7060 today or fill out this contact form.

The Dixon Injury Firm provides a variety of legal services. These include:

Dixon Injury Firm’s car accident attorneys in Rockwood, IL, understand how challenging Rockwood car claims are for clients. They need to manage insurance companies, legal issues, finances, lost wages, recovery time, medical costs, and other expenses. Chris Dixon, as an experienced car crash lawyer in Rockwood, prioritizes his resources to help his clients and their families recover both financially and physically in the event of car crashes.

Tips from Rockwood, IL Car Crash Lawyers

When you are in a car crash or related accident, the first thing you need to do is to get safe. Each incident is different and there is no one answer for what to do next. Do you need medical attention? Is everyone safe? Do you need to call the police? Typically you will need to call your insurance company. Whatever the case, it’s crucial to reach out to Rockwood, IL, car accident lawyer. That’s where Dixon Injury Firm comes in handy. Our car crash lawyers are proud to provide full-service representation for your next case.

Discover more about our car accident lawyers and practice areas. Keep in mind Dixon’s services are free based on a contingency plan.

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The qualified car accident and injury lawyers at Dixon are a top choice for Rockwood residents in need of legal advice. You can contact us locally at (314) 409-7060, toll-free (855)40-CRASH, or complete this contact form for a callback, more information, and a case review. We also provide free consultations and contingency payment plans to potential clients. Let us know how we can help your Rockwood, IL, car accident case.

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