In Car Cameras May Reduce Insurance Premiums

American police officers have been using dashboard cameras to record evidence during traffic stops or high speed chases, and to protect themselves against wrongful prosecution for a long time. This same technology has now begun to catch on with some drivers, particularly commuters and commercial truckers, worried about the consequences of being unfairly blamed for a traffic accident. St. Louis accident lawyers often download data from similar devices following a crash for vital information.

The typical entry level cost of a mounted in-car camera is around $100.  Dashboard cameras are relatively inexpensive devices, when compared to options, such as onboard data records, and pay-as-you-drive monitors.

In car cameras automatically turn on once the car engine starts, and they record all surroundings onto memory cards. They can similarly be utilized to record road conditions, traffic patterns, and weather conditions at the time of an incident.

While not as fast to catch on in the United States, driver in numerous other countries have been anxiously protecting themselves with dashboard cameras for years. In Russia, for example, an inconsistent legal system, terrible road safety, and high levels of vehicle insurance fraud, around one million Russian drivers have in car cameras installed. This can also be attributed to the fact that hit and run incidents are so common in Russia that insurance companies have really started to crack down on claims. Driver’s are now increasingly dependant on dashboard cameras to support their attempts to be compensated.

Car camera’s can be an objective witness, and can be great evidence in the event an accident occurs. If the accident was staged or fraudulent, the camera could come in handy as proof of bogus crashes: fake collisions with false injuries, misrepresentation of cars being hit will stopped, and exaggerated repair costs being added to accident reports.

Having a camera that proves that you were not at-fault following a crash, could prevent your own insurance premiums from increasing. In addition, a dashboard camera could help to preserve an existing good driving record, keeping premium costs to a minimum.

Recorded evidence could even help shorten the time involved in processing insurance claims, causing a faster settlement, and therefore expediting lawsuits. Insureye estimates that the appearance of dashboard cameras will result in discounted insurance products. Surely, such developments would appeal to American consumers since their case could be assessed more precisely, and may not simply fall under the 50/50 rule of most current insurance companies.

A dashboard camera could be helpful in a side collision of two cars wherein it appears that one or both is over the lane line. In car cameras and video recorders could potentially be helpful in numerous types of crash claims. At some point, it may even be possible that in car cameras are added to mass car production. These in car cameras might lower insurance premiums in the same way that installing alarm systems does.

Currently, no insurance provider offers any specific discount for individuals who have an installed dashboard camera, but at least one U.S. insurance company acknowledges their usefulness and helpfulness in assessing claims. For example, American Family Insurance has a teen safe driver program, which provides the use of a dashboard camera to a teen driver for one year.  The camera is used in accordance with education and professional coaching to ensure that teens become good drivers.

In this particular circumstance, the in car camera records the inside and outside environment’s of a vehicle only when triggered by distracted, erratic movements. The footage is then reviewed by the driving coaches who discuss the errors with the driving students, and provide corrective tips.

Having a dashboard camera may be a good idea, not only for potential insurance premium benefits, but also for fault assessment, and the possibility of speeding up handling of claims and settlements. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash because of someone else’s negligence, you can probably attest to the importance of an in car camera, as you have probably been pushed around by insurance companies.  Do not feel pressured to settle with the insurance companies, call an aggressive, accident lawyer in St. Louis to represent you in your St. Louis car accident claim. For a free, no obligation consultation with compassionate, aggressive Missouri injury attorney, Chris Dixon, call 314.409.7060 or 855.40.CRASH today.

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