Catastrophic Injuries FAQs

If you are thinking about pursuing a catastrophic injury claim in Missouri, the Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers can protect your rights and ensure that you have the best possible odds of recovering a satisfactory settlement for damages. On average, most catastrophic injury victims in Missouri can recover at least partial, if not full, compensation for medical expenses, mental and emotional distress, loss of income, and other expenses related to a traumatic brain injury. Christopher Dixon and the St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm developed the following list of frequently asked catastrophic injury questions in Missouri to offer support to victims and their families. For a free review of your car accident, truck accident, or another catastrophic injury claim in St. Louis, call (314) 409-7060 or 855-40-2724 (toll-free) to explore the options available to your case with our St. Louis Catastrophic Injury Lawyers today.

Missouri Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits

Every year, thousands of Missourians suffer catastrophic injuries in motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and other personal injury accidents. Christopher Dixon and the Missouri Catastrophic Injury Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm have aggressively fought for (and won) settlements for injury victims in Missouri, including the following recent results: a $2,750,000 settlement was recovered for a child that suffered damage to their eye and permanent vision loss, after a paintball facility failed to provide the victim with proper safety gear and training, and a competitor shot the victim in the face. In another case, our St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers recovered a $2,000,000 settlement for a man that suffered catastrophic bodily injuries after a commercial bus rear-ended the victim’s vehicle. If you are looking for more information on catastrophic injury lawsuits in Missouri, or need help filing a claim after an accident, contact the Dixon Injury Firm today to discuss your situation.

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Christopher Dixon and the St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm care about the well-being of victims and their families, and are committed to doing anything it takes to alleviate the stress of pursuing a Missouri catastrophic injury claim, whether its offering resources or negotiating for a higher settlement from the other party’s insurance company. Whatever you need, Chris Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm’s Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in St. Louis are ready to help. For more information on bringing a catastrophic injury lawsuit in Missouri, call (314) 409-7060, 855-40-CRASH (toll-free), or contact the Dixon Injury Firm today for a free case review or consultation.

Catastrophic Injuries FAQs

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