Cost of Death from Missouri Auto Accidents

Car crashes are the leading killer of individuals five to thirty-five years old.  Similarly, automobile accidents rank within the top ten causes of death for individuals of all ages.  According to the CDC, over 30,000 people are killed in car accidents annually in America.  Aside from the unfortunate impact crashes have on victims’ loved ones, car accident deaths result in billions of dollars annually in medical and work loss costs. In Missouri alone, crash-related death costs total to around $1.07 billion dollars; where $10 million constitutes medical costs and $1.06 billion constitutes work loss costs.

Why are work loss costs high for car accident deaths?

Work loss costs constitute the total estimated salary, fringe benefits, and value of household work that an average person would be expected to earn over the remainder of his or her life.  Car crash deaths disproportionately affect young people, who have the potential to be active in the workforce for many years.  Thus, when a young person dies, the result is a high work loss cost.

How can said costs be reduced?

Crash prevention is presumably the best way to prevent accident-related deaths.  Laws which enforce sobriety checkpoints and graduated drivers licensing are effective strategies in crash prevention.  Another way to reduce costs is to prevent injuries in the case that an accident does occur.  Injury prevention can be carried out by increasing child safety seat and booster seat use, increasing helmet use, and by increasing seat belt use.

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