Crash Prone Intersections in St. Louis County

While car crashes can occur on just about any road, there are certainly some roadways that are more crash prone than others. Believe it or not, in St. Louis County, inattention, speeding, and proximity to shopping destinations are among the most common causes of accidents. In Fenton, the most dangerous intersection is actually the complex parking lots of the Gravois Bluffs shopping center.

According to a Sunset Hills Patch Report, 53 car accidents have been reported by the Fenton police since the beginning of the year on these parking lots. Evidently, shopper’s speed in and out of driving lanes and parking spaces, causing dangerous and sometimes fatal crashes. Aside from the Gravois Bluffs parking lots, other crash prone Fenton roads include: – Highway 141 and Gravois – Highway 30 and Bowles Inattention is similarly cited by Crestwood area police as the leading cause to accidents in that county. Of the 205 accidents in Crestwood last year, over 30 were caused by inattention.

The most dangerous roads in the Crestwood area are: -Watson and Sappington -Watson and Glenwood Drive -Watson and Rock Hill Road. Even with the Crestwood Shopping Mall sitting nearly vacant, the largest percentage of Crestwood accidents occur on Crestwood Court, the road that spans the entrance to the mall. Down the road from Crestwood, in the Southwest Precinct of Affton, there are several crash prone intersections.

Affton’s most dangerous roadways are: -I-55 and South Lindbergh Boulevard -Butler Hill Road and I-55 -Tesson Ferry Road and Kennerly Road -I-270 and I-55 -I-270 and Tesson Ferry Similarly, the following Oakville and Mehlville roads also rank as the most dangerous: -Reavis Barracks and Lemay Ferry -Union Road and Reavis Barracks -Reavis Barracks and Green Park Rd. -Telegraph and Baumgartner Rd. -Erb Road and Telegraph -I-255 and Lindbergh Blvd. -Forder Rd. and Telegraph Rd. -Telegraph Rd. and I-255 -Lemay Ferry Rd. and South County Centerway -Lindbergh Boulevard and Lemay Ferry -Lemay Ferry and Forder Rd. -Lindbergh Blvd. and Crescent Drive -Union Road and Lindbergh Boulevard The same trend is present in Oakville and Mehlville as most of the above intersections are near the South County Centre mall. Oftentimes, car crashes can be avoided just by knowing the danger of certain roadways. Crash prone intersections and roadways should be avoided, or they should be driven with extreme caution. Once drivers familiarize themselves with the roads in their area, they can become better equipped to avoid crashes. Similarly, driving attentively and within the speed limit, especially near busy shopping complexes, can help to reduce the likelihood of a crash.

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