Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

By Chris Dixon

Accidents happen all of the time. You could be electrocuted, shatter a collarbone in a hit-and-run accident, slip and fall outside a shopping center, or fall prey to any of the preventable accidents waiting out there for us all.

Most of the time, injuries are the victim’s fault, but there’s a chance that you may have an injury claim if the injury was caused by negligence. In this case, you may want to hire a local personal injury lawyer.

Do I Need an Attorney If I’m Injured?

The short answer is “Yes,” you should contact an attorney right away if you think your injury was the result of negligence.

There are at least 5 Good Reasons to contact and hire a personal injury firm. But first, keep in mind that the priority is recovery. Get medical treatment, contact the proper authorities, and then Google around for a local injury lawyer that offers contingency payment plans.

  1. Winning a Claim Isn’t Easy: There’s a reason it takes years of school and studying to pass a bar exam. Law Is Not Easy. Lacking legal representation, you’re at risk of being bullied around by insurance companies or not filing the proper paperwork. A common slip-up is when an injured victim is getting buried in stressors like medical bills, recovery, and lost wages. A lawyer can help you through the entire process.
  2. It May Cost More Not to Hire One: If you slipped and fell in a civic building, were sideswiped by a truck, or suffered another type of injury, you may be unable to pay off bills in time or even work. Sure, an insurance company may give you a fair settlement, but “fair” to them isn’t always fair to you, the victim.
  3. Hiring a Lawyer Doesn’t Cost A Nickle: Most personal injury lawyers offer contingent payment agreements. Put simply, your lawyer will agree to a fixed percentage only if you win the case. The fee a lawyer charges is paid after the case, meaning legal counsel is free during the claims process. This is helpful for families and victims that may have medical expenses or lost income.
  4. Gathering Information is Challenging: If you’re disputing a claim on your own, you’re going to need to provide troves of information in support of your position. This includes accident reports, witness testimonials, expenses, and other documentation that needs to be submitted as evidence. Lawyers are natural investigators and can help.
  5. Maximum Compensation: Your personal injury attorney’s goal is your wellbeing and winning you the highest possible settlement. Settlements are figured by lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other factors like wrongful death. The St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm walk you through the process and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Want to know How Much Your Injury is Worth.

How Do I Win a Personal Injury Claim?

We’ll go more into this in the next section of this FAQ, but to be brief: The injured party (plaintiff) has to establish that the negligent party (defendant) was responsible. Evidence is gathered to prove that the defendant had a legal duty, that the defendant somehow breached that duty by failing to act (negligence), that the accident was actually caused by the action/inaction of the defendant, and finally that there are actual physical/financial damages done to the plaintiff.

What Kind of Lawyer Should I Hire?

Different lawyers specialize in different things. There are criminal lawyers, family lawyers, civil attorneys and others. At the Dixon Injury Firm, we specialize in the following areas and other claims:

There’s no harm in contacting a St. Louis injury lawyer if you think you have a case. We offer free case reviews and consultations at the Dixon Injury Firm, and you can call us 24/7 if you have any further questions about your injury case.

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