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When Dogs attack, they often cause severe scars and wounds that can dramatically affect your life. Regardless of how the dog attack happened, you can file your dog bite claim using MO laws that dictate what you can recover.

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Dog Bite Lawyer St. Charles. Dog owners across St. Charles County should always take the necessary precautions to properly confine and control their animals, it’s the law. Sadly, many St. Charles residents see laws merely as suggestions.

If a dog attacked you, and now you’re dealing with medical bills and injuries because of the dog attack, you have to speak with an experienced and aggressive dog bite lawyer in St. Charles. You deserve to have your dog bite claim taken seriously.

Christopher R. Dixon and the dog bite attorneys of the Dixon Injury Firm will fight against the negligent dog owner and their attorneys. They will fight by your side the entire way. To begin your dog bite claim as soon as possible, speak with our St. Charles dog bite lawyers immediately.

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Chris has recovered over $37 million for his injured clients, and can assist you with your dog bite claim. To get started on your dog bite case, contact our dog bite attorneys today.

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Dog Bite Attorney in St. Charles, MO

Here are several facts that our dog bite lawyers in St. Charles have prepared for you:

  • Missouri Statute 273.020 details who is at fault for a dog attack, who can recover, and how much.
  • Dog bites typically occur to the face of most victims, and children are the most prevalent victim. Dog Bites can leave permanent scarring, deformities and even infections.
  • Scars aren’t just physical either, they can also be emotionally damaging as well. You can suffer financially, physically, and emotionally from a dog bite.
  • In 2006, a man from Independence, MO, was awarded $7.25 million for his dog bite claim. The man’s wife was awarded $300,000 for her loss of consortium claim.
  • More homeowner claims are now dealing with dog bites than ever before, nearly 1/3, per newly released information.
  • Losing a claim important to your health can happen before you know it. Here are several steps our dog bite lawyers in St. Charles advise taking to protect your claim.
  • Dog attacks are on the rise. Here are several statistics that our St. Charles dog bite attorney has found.
  • Dog Bites happen when it is least expected, but most often a dog will attack because it is stressed or is poorly trained.
  • If you deal with or have contact with aggressive or highly stressed dogs, here are several methods you should use when dealing with a possibly dangerous animal.


St. Charles Dog Bite Lawyer – MO Dog Laws

Much like other legal claims, dog bite injuries are legal claims that are governed by laws and evidence. Dog bite claims are never simple. Here are several factors that our dog bite lawyer in St. Charles has found that can complicate a dog bite claim in St. Charles.

  • Was the dog leashed? – If the dog was off its leash or out of the yard, then the dog owner can and should be held responsible. If the dog was contained within its yard or on a leash, and someone trespassed onto private property, then it may be harder to recover.
  • Was the dog being antagonized? – If the dog was being purposely stressed by the person who was bitten, then the person attacked can be held liable for purposely provoking the animal.
  • Was the dog protecting its owner? – If the dog was protecting its family from someone attacking them, and the person attacking the family was bitten by the dog, then the person who was assaulting the family also holds partial blame.

For information about dog bites, what the side effects of a dog bite are, or to speak with our dog bite lawyers in St. Charles, call or contact the Dixon Injury Firm now.

Common Dog Bite Injuries Suffered by St. Charles Residents (And What to Do If You Have Had a Dog Bite in St. Charles County)

If you or a family member have been bitten by a dog, then you may incur common dog bite injuries such as puncture wounds, scarring, infection, or nerve damage. More severe attacks could result in eye injuries, facial injuries, head and neck injuries, or broken bones.

You must see a doctor right away, but if there is a delay in getting medical help, wash the wound with soap and water, apply an antibiotic ointment, and cover the injury with a sterile bandage. It’s also important to elevate the injured area.
After you’ve taken care of the emergency, then contact a dog bite attorney to help you file a dog bite claim.

Missouri Dog Laws – Know Your Rights in Your County

Missouri Law observes strict liability for dog bite claims. According to the bite rule, a dog owner is liable regardless if the injury occurred on public property or if the victim was lawfully on private property.

While some states follow a “one bite” law, other states will award compensation to victims if the dog owner’s negligence contributed to the attack.

However, a dog bite claim might not be recognized if the injured person provoked the dog. If the dog bite occurred on public property, the owner is responsible if he or she did not exert adequate control, which the St. Charles county animal regulations ecode360 defines as “Reasonable restraint sufficient to prevent an animal from running at large, or from injuring itself, or from any person, or any other animal, or from damaging any property.”

Damages That May Be Covered by a Civil Lawsuit in St. Charles County

How much do dog bite cases typically settle for? It is difficult to determine how much a dog bit lawsuit will settle for as there are many factors to consider. In many cases, insurance companies will cover the cost of medical care and medical expenses under the homeowner’s insurance policy if you have a lawyer on your side.

The Emotional Side: How Our St. Charles County Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help You Move on From an Animal Attack

Our law firm provides a confidential attorney-client relationship and will represent every aspect of your case, including the emotional side. Our St. Peter’s dog bite lawyers and personal injury attorneys working in the unincorporated St. Charles County and surrounding areas have successfully represented many cases where dog bite attacks have created trauma.

Dog Bite Attorney in St. Charles, MO


You deserve to fully recover both physically and financially from your dog bite in St. Charles, but without an experienced dog bite lawyer that can be hard. Insurance companies and the irresponsible dog owner are going to fight to make sure that you don’t get the recovery and settlement that you need.

Isn’t it time to bring someone to your side who knows the Missouri dog bite laws, how to use them to an advantage in your claim, and can also fight the insurance companies when they try to cheat you? Your dog bite claim deserves a dedicated and professional team who will aggressively fight for your St. Charles dog bite claim, our dog bite lawyers in St. Charles are ready to take on your claim and ensure that you get the medical attention and financial recovery that you deserve.

St. Charles, MO Dog Bite Lawyers Here to Help You

Our experienced dog bite attorneys will fight for you if you’ve been a victim of a dog attack. Our dog bite lawyers will handle your dog bite claim and make sure that dog owners take full responsibility. A dog bite claim will hold them liable for medical bills and other expenses related to your trauma and injuries.

In Missouri, we serve St. Charles County as well as the nearby counties of St. Louis County and Lincoln County. Some cities we represent by area include:

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  • Cities within the 63338 area, such as Cottleville.
  • Cities within the 63346 area, such as Flint Hill.
  • Cities within the 63365 area, such as New Melle and Defiance.

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What if your dog bite injury caused other complications? What if you’re now missing work, have bills to pay, and other injuries have now resulted from the original one? What do you do? Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm practice in a wide variety of legal areas to ensure that you get the legal representation you deserve. Here are the other fields of law our dog bite lawyers in St. Charles take on:

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