Donald Trump Proposes Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes Linked to Lung Disease

Earlier today, President Donald Trump issued an announcement that his administration is seeking to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes in the U.S., after a sixth person was killed as a result of lung disease linked to flavored e-cigarettes. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the ban on flavored e-cigs wouldn’t take effect for several weeks.

In early August of this year, the FDA announced that it had received more than 400 reports of lung damage caused by e-cigarette flavoring. E-cigarette liquid contains chemicals, that, while safe for food, aren’t recognized as safe for vaping, and high levels of nicotine, that are rumored to cause lung diseases such as cancer and pneumonia.

Symptoms of Lung Disease from Flavored E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes were released on the market in 2007, marketed as devices that could help smokers quit cigarettes. The e-cigarette craze occurred virtually overnight, and soon, dozens of e-cig manufacturers debuted products, offering e-cig flavors such as blueberry cheesecake, cinnamon, and tropical fruit. In 2015, Juul launched an alternative to bulky e-cigarettes, Juul Vaporizers. Juul’s are small, USB-like vapes that, like the original e-cigarettes, are designed to help smokers quit smoking. However, recently, amidst the hundreds of lung damage claims linked to flavored e-cigarettes, primarily involving young adults and teens, it’s been rumored that Juul targeted teens as the vaporizer’s intended audience in an effort to get teenagers hooked on nicotine.

If you or your child has used flavored e-cigarette products, and displays any of the following symptoms released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you could be eligible to bring a Missouri flavored e-cigarettes claim:

  • Severe coughing, shortness of breath, or chest pain
  • Nausea, vomitting, or constipation
  • Unexplainable fatigue, fever, sweating, or sudden weight loss
  • Dizziness, loss of consciousness, trouble sleeping
  • Inability to pay attention, loss of focus

At the first signs of any of the above symptoms, or abnormal changes in health or mood, it’s vital to call 911 and get immediate medical treatment. Ignoring potential symptoms of lung damage from flavored e-cigarettes could cause your condition to worsen or in more severe cases, result in death.

Flavored E-Cigarette Lung Damage Lawsuits in Missouri

A Missouri mother filed a class-action lawsuit against Juul after her 14-year-old daughter became addicted to nicotine after using Juul vaporizers in 2018. The teen has attempted to quit but has been unsuccessful. According to the claim, the Mother believes that Juul targeted Juul’s towards teenagers and young adults, by offering dozens of fun flavors, and making the vaporizers sleek and stylish.

This Juul lawsuit is just one of many e-cigarette lawsuits in the U.S. If you or someone you love has suffered lung damage from Juul, Blu, or other flavored e-cigarettes, you could be entitled to compensation.

If you are interested in filing a flavored e-cigarette lawsuit in St. Louis, it’s essential to get a diagnosis of your condition, proof that your injuries were caused by flavored e-cigarettes (proof of purchase, witness testimonies), and speak with a Missouri Vaping Lung Damage Lawyer about your case.

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If you used flavored e-cigarette products, and have been diagnosed with lung damage, cancer, or another condition, you could be eligible to file a lawsuit and recover damages. The Missouri Flavored E-Cigarette Claims Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm have recovered compensation for countless product liability claims in Missouri, that include medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

If you are ready to file a flavored e-cigarette claim in Missouri, Christopher Dixon and the St. Louis Vaping Lung Damage Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm can help. Our experienced attorneys won’t give up fighting for your case until the maximum amount of compensation is recovered, and as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer,” with an innate passion for winning, Chris Dixon will do everything in his power to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of your flavored e-cigarette claim in St. Louis.

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