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A reputable St. Louis Missouri truck accident lawyer aggressively works to help victims involved in truck accidents. It is not unusual to find that truck accident victims often give in to unfair settlement amounts. The extreme pressure exerted by large insurance companies after a crash, results in many victims accepting less than full reimbursement for their harms and losses. It is your attorney’s job to make sure that the victim is treated in a fair manner. This is one of the main reasons why a truck accident lawyer is essential.

Any person who has been injured in a truck accident has the right to be compensated for their injuries.  If the person was killed as a result of a truck accident, the victim’s family deserves compensation. If you are involved in a truck accident while at work, you may be able to maintain two claims.

Truck Accidents While At Work Require Special Attention

If you are involved in a truck accident at work, you will require a worker’s compensation case and a personal injury case. Missouri law requires your employer take responsibility merely by the fact that you were working when the truck accident took place. However, if someone else caused the crash, a personal injury case will seek reimbursement from that party and reimburse your employer for what they paid. Your attorney will take the necessary steps to ensure that you receive payment for your medical bills and lost wages while your lawsuit progresses.

One of the requirements to file these claims is that at the time of the accident you were in course and scope of your employment. This generally does not include the time when you are in route to work, or leaving work.  However, there are situations where these trips may trigger a worker’s compensation claim. It is important to know that your insurance is your primary insurance carrier. When you are involved in an accident at work, the workers’ compensation becomes the primary insurance carrier.

Why It Is Important to Seek Legal Representation

It is very important to get legal help if you were involved in a Missouri truck accident. Insurance companies will try their utmost best to get out of paying compensation. An attorney experienced handling truck and tractor trailer accidents will stand up to the insurance company and obtain the money you deserve. An experienced lawyer knows the legal system and has the expertise to handle your case. Your attorney will gather evidence on your behalf, such as statements from witnesses and doctors. The attorney will also make sure the hearing takes place in a timely manner. An attorney negotiates on your behalf and if an agreement cannot be reached, represents you in court,

Make sure your attorney is knowledgeable about all aspects of a truck accident lawsuit in Missouri, as most trucking accidents are factually complicated. The attorney has to determine if the truck driver was at fault as an individual, a corporate agent, a third-party driver’s fault, a city or national entity’s fault. There are many facts involved in commercial truck accidents. The attorney investigates the time the driver has been behind the wheel without a break and if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration imposes numerous regulations on truck drivers to ensure our communities safety.

If you are involved in a Missouri truck accident, you will deal with insurance companies, adjusters, claim representatives and investigators. It is important not to sign any documents before consulting a St. Louis tractor trailer accident lawyer. The attorney knows how to deal with truck companies and fight on your behalf. You will need an attorney to obtain the compensation you deserve and it is comforting to know that the person, who is representing you, is doing everything possible to get a result that is best for you.

Building a Strong Truck Crash Case

A St. Louis Missouri personal injury attorney can build a strong and persuasive case. Attorneys usually work an accident reconstruction specialist and highway engineers to explain the rules of the road to a jury. An attorney will work with your doctor to fully understand the extent of your injuries in order to receive the compensation you are entitled to for past, current and future medical care.

What is the Value of My Truck Crash Case?

The expertise of a truck accident attorney increases your chances of receiving full reimbursement. Factors to consider that help determine how you will be compensated are the seriousness of the injuries, the need for future and continued treatment or therapy, ability to work, and numerous other factors. No attorney can give you the exact amount you will receive in a personal injury settlement until the entire case is analyzed.

You are entitled to reimbursement for your past medical bills, future medical bills, past lost wages, future lost wages and pain and suffering damages to name a few. The most difficult part is to calculate and prove pain and suffering. It is not easy to measure pain and suffering that goes with physical and emotional injury. It is important to hire an attorney who is able to clarify these issues for insurance companies and juries.

Your attorney will also negotiate your medical bills and pay the medical bills out of the settlement. Accident and injury lawyers are known to fight for their clients across all aspects of their case.


There are insurance companies who keep track of lawyers who fight for their clients. This is a great way of telling if the lawyer will easily give in or fight for a client’s rights. It is important that your attorney is willing to aggressively represent you and help you get the medical care and settlement that you need. You must know that everything possible will be done to help get you the compensation you deserve.

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