Femur Fracture Caused by Car Crash?

Due to the strength and sheer size of the bone, a femur fracture is not very common. As an injury lawyer, I have seen an extremely common cause of this rare injury to be a high speed car crash, truck crash, or motorcycle accident. As the longest, heaviest, and strongest bone in the human body, only a large impact can cause a femur to break or fracture. Because of this, if a car crash caused this injury, it was obviously an extremely serious accident.

Car crashes are the leading cause of femur fracture due to the high speeds that can be reached on the roadways. A motor vehicle can cover over 100 feet per second while traveling 70 miles per hour, which means a driver needs to be completely focused while driving. Looking away from the roadway to tend to a cell phone, car radio, or other distraction can yield deadly results. This type of mistake is extremely common, which is why several impact collisions result in femur fracture.

Not long after sustaining an injury of this magnitude, there will be clear evidence of the femur fracture. The injured victim may experience swelling, bruising, pain, deformity of the thigh, nausea, and vomiting. In most cases, the victim of a femur fracture is typically unable to walk or put weight on the injured leg. Similarly, some cases result in the femur breaking through the skin, resulting in an open, bleeding wound.

Long-term effects can definitely stem from a femur fracture. Surgery, which always poses the threat of risks, may be necessary and could impair one’s ability to walk normally. The recommended treatment for a femur fracture usually depends on the severity of the fracture. But, typically a surgeon will put the pieces of the bone back into normal position, using a device to hold the femur in place while it heals. Recovery time could last up to six months.

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