Four People Killed in Semi-Truck Crash Friday Near Union

Union, Missouri. – Four people were killed Friday afternoon in a semi-truck crash outside of Union, MO.

The SUV, whose occupants included two adults and two children, was driving on Highway 47 when it swerved into an oncomimg lane of traffic and struck a semi-truck and another vehicle. The two adults that were killed in the crash were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident, but the two children were restrained. The occupants of the SUV were pronounced dead at the scene, while the truck driver was treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital. The occupant of the third vehicle was uninjured.

The deceased victims in the accident were relatives. At this point in time, the causation of the accident hasn’t been determined, but according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper, it was “Almost like someone might have fallen asleep possibly, there was no erratic driving beforehand.”

Every year, more than 100,000 accidents are caused by drowsy driving. According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drivers that only get five or six hours of sleep per night are twice as likely to get into an accident than drivers that get seven or more hours of sleep.

While driver fatigue contributes to the likelihood of a crash happening, when paired with other negligent driving behaviors such as driving under the influence, speeding, and distracted driving, this increases the affects of drowsiness and impairment while driving. It’s crucial to avoid driving while fatigued or if there is drugs or alcohol involved, but if this does happen, it’s essential to stay calm, file a police report, and consult an experienced car accident lawyer about the accident.

If you or someone you love has been in a truck accident or a crash caused by driver fatigue, don’t hesitate to contact the Dixon Injury Firm today to discuss your case.

Source: Fox2Now

Our greatest sympathies go out to the family of the victim involved in this terrible accident. If a family member or loved one of the victim would like the name of a person removed, please do not hesitate to contact our attorneys.

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