Honda Odyssey Minivan Recall

Honda has announced a recall of over 344,000 2007-2008 Odyssey minivans. The product recall was initiated to fix an issue that is responsible for sudden unintended braking. It is reported that a combination of defective software and parts are causing a build up of hydraulic pressure in the braking system. When the buildup is released after a restart, the Odyssey is reported to brake suddenly without the brake lights coming on.

Honda has reported that the recall will allow them to replace a “yaw sensor”. However, Honda reports that the sensor will not be available until the beginning of next year. What is a 2007-2008 Honda Odyssey owner supposed to do in the meantime? Honda has issued a press release with instructions on how to drive the vehicles safely until the part arrives. Owners should receive notice shortly from Honda. Honda has stated that in order to prevent unintedend braking, you should follow this procedure every time you start your Honda Odyssey:

  1. After you start your vehicle, keep the minivan stationary until the VSA indicator lights up and then goes off. It is reported this will take approximately two seconds.
  2. Make sure your front wheels are pointing straight ahead before you take the vehicle out of park.
  3. Whether you are in forward or reverse, you must keep your front wheels in a straight position for the initial several feet. This allows proper calibration of theVSA system.

Honda also reports that if you must turn the wheels of your vehicle in the initial several feet of movement immediately after you start your car, such as curbside parking, you should:

  • Drive the minivan less than 25 mph; or
  • Turn off the VSA system. This can be done by holding the VSA OFF button until you hear a beep.

For a complete set of instructions, see the Honda and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration Recall 13V-500 instructions.

Other Honda Recalls

Honda has also recently recalled 318,000 2003 and 2004 Honda Odyssey minivans. The recall was initiated due to problems with the airbags. Following a National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration investigation, it has been determined that exposure to electoral noise may cause the airbags to inflate without warning. Injuries caused from this sudden and unintended airbag inflation have been reported.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration provides current recall updates on recent product recalls and safety information. If you have sustained an injury or the loss of a loved one due to sudden braking or airbag inflation, you are entitled to reimbursement for your harms and losses. Call today for a FREE products liability consultation regarding your legal rights: 855-40-CRASH or (314) 409-7060.

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