St. Louis Car Accident on Ladue Road Kills Three

A horrific St. Louis car accident on Ladue road killed three people Friday night. Ladue Police report that Melanie Michailidis, Kyle Weeks, and Joseph Jacob lost their lives at 8:50 p.m.

According to reports, Kyle Weeks was driving his 2007 Ford Focus westbound on Ladue road when the crash occurred. Kyle reportedly attempted to pass another vehicle without sufficient room to do so. The wreck occurred when Weeks’ Ford crashed head on into a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta traveling eastbound on Ladue. The 2004 Jetta was being driven by Melanie Michailidis of Olivette.

Police report that Michailidis and Weeks died at the scene. Joseph Jacob was a passenger in Michailidis’ Jetta when the crash occurred. Jacob was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead after his arrival. Jacob was in town from San Fransisco, California, visiting Michailidis.

Attempting to pass another vehicle is a form of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving results in thousands of deaths each year, in addition to countless injuries. Attempting to pass another vehicle is something that should only be done when a driver is 100% certain the pass can be made safely. If there is any doubt, the maneuver should not be attempted.

Missouri law holds the negligent driver responsible for all harms and losses resulting from an accident. In the event the negligent driver is also killed in the crash, his insurance and estate are available to help cover the losses. Wrongful death cases such as this require a full investigation to ensure all evidence is gathered. Insurance companies often attempt to place blame in the wrong place when there is no one alive to contradict their analysis. If a family member is killed as the result of an aggressive driver, it is important to immediately contact a St. Louis wrongful death lawyer.

The last thing a family wants to do after a St. Louis car accident is speak to a lawyer. However, in many circumstances, cases are destroyed by failing to have someone gathering evidence immediately to prevent loss and destruction. You are assured the insurance companies are gathering evidence to help protect their side of the case, and you should have someone fighting for you and your family.

Missouri law provides reimbursement for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, loss of future companionship, etc. These are certainly topics you are not thinking about immediately after the crash, nor should you be. However, after the grieving process is complete, these will certainly be top priority. It is tragic if evidence is lost or destroyed by the time your family feels comfortable thinking about the future wrongful death claim for a loved one. Immediately retaining representation will ensure the case is preserved in the event the family wishes to bring a future wrongful death case.

If a loved one has been killed through the fault of another, contact a top St. Louis wrongful death lawyer immediately to protect your future case. For more information on your rights and what you should do following a tragedy of this nature, call Chris Dixon at 314.409.7060.

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