Listeriosis Outbreak linked to Cantaloupes

Missouri Injury Safety Information

Numerous illness and 16 deaths have recently been linked to a listeria outbreak from fruit.  Eighteen states have noted infections from at least one strain of listeria and 16 deaths have been confirmed thus far, one in Missouri.  Listeria, a bacterium that multiplies in low temperatures is rarely associated with produce related outbreaks.  However, lately fresh produce, especially fruit has been linked to being contaminated with listeria in a slew of U.S. states.  The incubation period of these bacteria is the real threat as its symptoms can take up to four or more weeks to appear.

The Food and Drug Administration has found the strain in various melon samples obtained from Jensen Farms, who shipped its melons to around 17 states from July to September.  Pregnant women, senior citizens and individuals with weakened immune systems are at the highest risk of detrimental effects stemming from listeria.  Be advised that all potentially tainted produce should thrown away and all surfaces should then be sanitized.

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