Massive Snow Storm Pummels St. Louis

A massive snow storm is pounding St. Louis with what could amount to almost a foot of snow in some areas, and is causing dangerous driving conditions across the entire state. Late in the evening Saturday, a 24 year old Poplar Bluff man was killed in Butler County when his scooter overturned. Several other accidents occurred throughout the night, with only a handful reporting serious injuries.

Vona A. Harris, 50, of Ozark, MO and Ronald L. Irick of Springfield, MO were both reported to have serious injuries when they were ejected from their 2005 Ford Mustang. The vehicle reportedly ran off the roadway on a curve and then struck a tree as both passengers were ejected from the vehicle. Both Harris and Irick were transported to Mercy Hospital in Springfield.

Dylan Hatfield, 22, and Mitchell Gish, 21, were both moderately injured when their vehicle overturned as they were attempting to park on an embankment. Gish was transported by EMS to University Hospital in Columbia, MO, and Hatfield was transported via personal conveyance to Audrain Medical Center, in Mexico, MO. The car accident occurred in Mexico, MO at approximately 1:30am on January 5, 2014.

Winter weather conditions are among the most dangerous conditions drivers will ever see. They can cause icy roads, limited vision, and can be dangerous when both driving and parking. Sometimes a 4WD vehicle can give drivers more confidence than they should have when driving. Some of these vehicles can be top heavy and that can be almost as dangerous as being a 2WD. It is important to understand the mechanics of your vehicle when driving in hazardous conditions. For 2WD vehicles it is important to understand if your car is Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive. Front Wheel Drive is much easier to navigate in the snow, because the vehicle is less prone to “fish-tail”.

The Snow Continues To Fall In St. Louis

The snow continues to fall approaching mid day in St. Louis. Traffic reports indicate hazardous road conditions in most of the State, due to the fact that recently plowed roads are quickly being covered with falling snow. The snow gets packed down, and eventually becomes icy. This creates especially dangerous conditions for drivers, and to make matters worse snow drifts pile up on the sides of roadways, trapping sliding vehicles that lose the grip on the road.

St. Louis Shoppers Stocked Up, Anticipating The Snow Storm

Most of the area shopping centers were cleared out of the basic items such as bread, milk, and eggs. Shoppers stockpiled the bare essentials and bunkered down in preparation for the snow. It is important to make sure you minimize driving in these conditions, as much as possible. The main reason is for your safety and the safety of your family. You may take all the necessary precautions, and be perfectly safe, but you are always still vulnerable to others on the road, and if you find yourself in a situation in which you were harmed by another please give us a call today for a no obligation, free consultation.

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