Missouri Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal Car Accidents in St. Louis. Losing someone is never easy, but if you have lost someone in a fatal car accident, it can be especially difficult. Along with the loss of someone close to you, your family could be struggling with medical expenses from before the victim’s death, pain and suffering from the accident, loss of income, and loss of affection from losing your family member or spouse — the Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers are passionate about fighting for the rights of fatal car accident victims and their families and getting justice from negligent drivers. Our attorneys have clients’ best interests at heart and will do everything they can to offer support during this difficult time.

Missouri Fatal Car Accident Statistics

Over 900 people were killed in car accidents in Missouri in 2018, an increase from the 766 car crash fatalities that occurred a little more than five years ago in 2014. Motor vehicle accidents are primarily caused by negligence, rather than unavoidable circumstances. The leading causes of fatal car accidents in Missouri are speeding (over 1,500 people were killed in speeding accidents between 2010-2014), distracted driving (texting and driving and driving while fatigued are the most common causes of distracted driving accidents), and driving under the influence (between 2003-2012 approximately 3,315 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in Missouri).

Fatal Car Accident Lawsuits in Missouri

Under Missouri’s Wrongful Death Statute, if another driver’s negligence is responsible for the death of another person, the careless driver is at-fault for the victim’s damages. Typically, the close relatives of the deceased, such as a spouse, the victim’s parents, or children, can bring a wrongful death claim to recover damages on the victim’s behalf, and to obtain reimbursement for funeral and burial expenses, as well as loss of consortium, if applicable.

If you are thinking about pursuing a fatal car crash claim in St. Louis, it’s essential to keep in mind that it must be filed within two years of the accident. Wrongful death claims should include proof of the other party’s negligence (police reports, witness reports, a copy of the victim’s autopsy), proof of death (death certificate, autopsy), and evidence of the damages that both the deceased and their surviving family members experienced related to the accident.

Most fatal car accident claims in St. Louis can receive compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages, lost wages, and loss of consortium. On average, the surviving family members of car accident victims can receive compensation for present and future expenses related to the victim’s death.

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If you lost someone in a fatal car accident in St. Louis, you could be eligible to recover compensation on their behalf with a wrongful death claim. Bringing a claim against the person responsible for your family member’s death can obtain not just the compensation needed, but the justice required, to help your family heal.

Christopher Dixon has recovered over $35,000,000 in settlements for clients, including for fatal car accident claims in Missouri, and can give you confidence knowing that our St. Louis Fatal Car Accident Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm are doing everything they can to recover the highest settlement for your case.

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