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Missouri personal injury lawyers are constantly faced with questions from severely injured clients.  Some of these questions include, do I even need a personal injury attorney, how am I going afford time away from work while I heal, what happens with medical bills that go to collections, should I speak to the negligent parties insurance company, etc.  If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury as the result of another persons negligence, there will be no shortage of unanswered questions.

Injured parties should immediately be aware of one universal truth following a personal injury of any form.  The first person who the injured party will most often come into contact with is a representative of the wrongdoers insurance company.  An injured party should be  ever vigilant when speaking with the negligent parties insurance representatives prior to seeking the assistance of a Missouri personal injury lawyer.

The interests of an insurance company representing their negligent insured are completely at odds with those of the injured party.   The injured party is in a vulnerable position where they need answers to a variety of questions. These large corporations which make up the insurance industry are for profit companies who make billions of dollars each year through the denial of legitimate claims.  Large insurance corporations immediately use their unlimited resources to pressure injured victims into settlement.  If the negligent parties insurance company can settle the case quick and obtain a waiver of liability, they avoid  the all too often issues of damages which are not yet know following an a personal injury.  While not all cases require the assistance of a St. Louis Missouri personal injury lawyer, it is of the utmost importance to determine whether or not your case requires an attorney to protect your interests.

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