Monsanto Corn Linked to Tumors

According to a French study in Food and Chemical Toxicology, a peer reviewed scientific journal, rats fed Monsanto’s transgenic corn or its pesticide Roundup, had higher rates of premature death and tumors. The study, performed by Gilles Eric Seralini, a microbiology professor with the University of Caen, is reported to be the longest and most detailed experiment ever conducted on a GMO or pesticide.

The study observed over two hundred rats over a two year period. The average life of a rat is two years, and the study showed that rats fed Roundup or corn developed tumors or had kidney damage after only 90 days. The study also utilized a control group of control rats which were not exposed to water containing Roundup or Monsanto’s NK603. The control group did not experience this increased rate of disease.

The results have brought attention to the testing methods of governments around the world. According to Seralini, most “regulatory tests last only three months” and his research has showed that tumors begin to develop after that duration. Many scientists are calling for repeat studies to confirm the results. Monsanto continues to assert that there are ample peer reviewed scientific studies confirming the safety of their products.

If true, the results could have a lasting impact in the US. The Monsanto Roundup Ready system, which keeps crops alive while killing weeds, is widely used. It is the primary system in America and used across millions of domestic acreage. These chemicals penetrate the ground through absorption and runoff, threatening communities water supplies.

This case illustrates another example of the need for more stringent testing for all products used across the world. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Monsanto is only one of many companies constantly under shareholder pressure to push products to the market. The failure to properly test all such products can result in devastating effects on our local communities.

If you have been injured by a negligently designed product or negligently tested product, you are not without help. Companies are responsible for the products they create. If they rush to push their designs to market and you are injured as a result, that company is responsible for your harms and losses in a products liability case. This is not a one way street in which companies are allowed to privatize their profits and socialize the risk. Consumers have rights as well.

If you have been injured, you should contact a Missouri products liability lawyer to discuss your path for reimbursement. In addition, we should all be conscious of our state’s and our nation’s process and procedures for testing these potentially deadly substances. More stringent initial testing procedures can avoid future harm.


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