Motorcycle and Car Accident Results in Serious Injuries

An accident that occurred between a car and a motorcycle Sunday morning left two individuals with serious injuries.  According to officials, the accident took place in Jefferson City at around 8:30.  A 26-year-old female driver pulled onto Highway 50 near Liberty Road and did not see the cyclists heading west.  Both the motorcycle driver and passenger were thrown from the cycle upon collision.  The two were taken to University Hospital where they are listed with serious injuries. Prayers go out to all of those involved as they face recovery.

Inattentive driving was likely the cause of this tragic accident.  When drivers fail to pay attention to the roadways, they put all motorists at risk.  If you or a loved one sustained injuries or was even killed in a car crash that was caused by the fault of someone else, you may be entitled to reimbursement.  To find out, contact an Illinois or Missouri motorcycle accident lawyer at your earliest convenience.  Contact an injury lawyer today at 314.409.7060.

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