Motorcycle Fatalities Surge in 2018

You are 29 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than a car wreck, totaling to about 5,000 fatalities per year.

The IIHS has tracked an increasing number of motorcycle deaths over the years. A serious concern regarding highway safety, motorcycle accident lawyers fight to compensate victims and their families to recover burial costs, medical bills, and other expenses.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crash Fatalities

What’s behind this increase in deaths? Why do the numbers tell us? None of these fatality statistics — while startling — aren’t necessarily surprising.

Alcohol-Related Accidents — According to the IIHS, more than 25 percent of motorcycle fatalities involve alcohol. More specifically, the victims’ having .08 or higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Speeding Fatalities — The NHTSA claims 33 percent of motorcycle fatalities are from speeding (PDF). Many of these fatalities (86 percent in 2016) occurred on non-interstate roads.

Supersport Motorcycles — Another interesting statistic from the IIHS states that the majority of supersport bikers (59 percent) are younger than 30.

Helmet Use — Nearly half of standard, touring, and supersport riders involved in fatalities were not wearing helmets.

Most fatalities occur between 6 and 9 p.m. on non-interstate highways. Sportbikes are the fatal vehicle of choice, owing greatly to the increase in yearly fatalities over the past decade. This correlates to an increase of engine size (1,200 CCs and higher). Also, most fatalities occur in the summer months.

What does this tell us? That most accidents are avoidable. But, if they do happen, it’s important to be prepared.

What If a Family Member Was Killed in a Motorcycle Crash?

Regarding the legal process, it isn’t much different than a standard injury case since the family member(s) are also considered victims. Once it’s determined which family member is entitled to seek reimbursement on behalf of the wrongfully deceased, it’s our job as motorcycle accident lawyers in St. Louis and Illinois to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation. Damages may include funeral and burial expenses, lost wages, medical bills if the deceased was hospitalized, loss of guidance, loss of comfort, and other factors. These “survival damages” include pain and suffering.

It’s crucial to conduct an investigation as soon as possible to make sure the version of events in question are thoroughly discovered. While this is certainly not a priority when you’ve just lost a loved one, investigatory delays can lead to skid marks washing away, road conditions to change, involved vehicles being destroyed, onboard GPS data being deleted, and other evidence to disappear or be tampered with.

As a St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney, I understand how difficult it is for families to approach the complexities of a motorcycle fatality. Our firm alleviates that burden and allows you to mourn your loss. By not reaching out to a lawyer, there’s a good chance you won’t earn compensation or prevent a similar accident from happening again. Contact Us for more information and a free case review.

Motorcycle Safety

Here are a few common sense and often-overlooked motorcycle safety guidelines. While most riders pick these up in training courses, ignoring these safety protocols leads to thousands of motorcycle deaths every year.

  • Blind Spots: Be aware of tractor trailers. Trucks have blind spots on all sides and it can be difficult to see fast-approaching vehicles.
  • Safety Classes: Take rider training classes to stay up-to-date on safety measures and other information. You may be eligible for insurance writeoffs after completing a class.
  • ABS Systems: Bikes with anti-lock braking systems, which allow otherwise independent wheels to safely brake, have an overall lower crash rate.
  • Protective Equipment: Helmets, face shields to prevent rocks and debris from disorienting you, leather, padding, and other safety equipment saves lives. Use it.
  • Responsible Driving: Yield to pedestrians, wear reflective material, use your headlights at all times, and be visible on the road.
  • Drugs and Alcohol: As mentioned, avoid riding motorcycles while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Ride safe and responsibly. But, if an accident does happen, the Dixon Injury Firm is here to help. Talk to our motorcycle crash lawyers today for more information.

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