Obtaining Accident Police Reports in St. Louis

Police Reports

Police reports contain vital information following an accident. A police report will have a diagram of the scene, driver contact information, weather conditions, witnesses statements and contact information, and numerous other relevant details. The police report is often the beginning point of the investigation for any accident lawyer in St. Louis. It is important to obtain your police report following an accident in order to move forward with your case.

Additionally, note that different departments have different policies on retrieving police records. For example, if you are not a party to an incident in which you are attempting to obtain a police report, then they might not give you access to a copy of the report. This depends on the facts and circumstances of the particular instance. The reason they do this is for privacy reasons and to protect ongoing investigations and the parties involved. Police reports are usually available 7-10 days following the crash. At the scene of the crash, the officer will generally give you an accident card which contains the report number that you will need when you go to get the full report.

How To Get a Missouri Police Report

Generally, you can obtain a police report by going directly to the police station in person, or you can download a form from their site and mail it to them after completed. At the scene of the crash, the officer will generally give you an accident card which contains the report number that you will need when you go to get the full report.

Find the Address and Phone # of the Local Police Department

The first step is to obtain the address of your local police department. You can usually find this address on the police department’s website for the particular city or county where the incident took place. If you are having a difficult time locating the address, then call the police department and ask to speak with the records department. The records department should be able to provide you with their address. Also, the accident referral card you receive at the scene will have this needed information as well.

Option 1: Go To the Police Department

If you elect to go to the police department, you will want to ask for the records division. Once there, you should explain how you are wanting to obtain a police report. They should give you a request form to fill out, which will require personal information and details of the accident. They may require you to provide personal identification, such as a driver’s license, in order to verify information and process your request to get the report. You will then be required to pay a fee for the report. This fee varies depending on the city or county and it is for the copying and processing of the report. Be sure to leave your contact information with the police department and they will contact you when the report is ready to be picked up.

Option 2: Download the Report Request Form

Another way to get a police report is to download the request form directly off of their website. This can usually be found on the police department’s records or business records page. This form will require you to fill out basic similar information that you would supply if you elected to go to the station for the report. You should download the form, print it off, and fill it out correctly. Some police report request forms require a signature and stamp from a notary. If that is the case, then you will need to get the form notarized. Most banks have notary services available. Then you will need to mail the form to the proper address. Be careful to look at the address that the form directs you to mail the request, because sometimes the records division where you must mail the request is at a different location than the police department. After your requests is received and processed, the police department should either contact you to pick up the police report or mail the report to you. Whether you are mailed the report or must pick it up varies by the department.

Police Reports are essential in personal injury cases. Whether you are involved in a serious car or truck crash, dog bite, or slip-and-fall accident case, an accurate police report will assist in depicting the incident that occurred. It is important for an experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case and use the police report to outline the event. Police reports are crucial in severe car and truck crash cases because they often provide statements from the drivers involved and witnesses. If you or anyone you know has been involved in a serious accident, have them contact a skillful accident lawyer to evaluate and discuss the case. Contact us toll free at 855.40.CRASH or 314.409.7060. There is no fee unless we are successful in recovering money for your injury.

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