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Dixon Injury Firm provides a wide range of legal services to St. Louis, MO, clients.

Here at the Dixon Injury Firm, we specialize in helping people that have been wrongfully injured to put their lives back together. For the most part, that means we represent clients that have been physically injured by the negligent actions of drivers, employers, hospitals, or other companies providing goods and services to the public, but we help others as well.

Dixon provides a broad range of legal services. This includes personal injury, workers compensation, product liability, and other claims. Our St. Louis other claims lawyers bring grade-a legal counsel to clients and their families. Please contact us for more info and a free consultation from our claims lawyers.

St. Louis Claims Lawyers

When you pursue a claim in St. Louis, it’s crucial to secure legal counsel with experience. Dixon Injury Firm’s workers comp and liability lawyers ensure clients have the resources they need to win a case. Here are a couple questions to ask St. Louis claim lawyers:

How much does legal representation cost me? This varies on the claim and other factors. Dixon utilizes a contingency system, meaning our services are free.

How much could I win? This also depends on the case. Our St. Louis claim lawyers fight to provide clients medical expenses, personal hardship, and other damages.

What do I do now? The first step is to contact us for more information and consultation from our claim lawyers.

Free, No-Obligation Consultations

Mr. Dixon never charges his clients any upfront costs. That means that anyone that has been injured in the St. Louis area is free to call (314) 409-7060 for a FREE consultation. The Dixon Law Firm will evaluate the case and help the injured person decide what to do. Sometimes, this unfortunately means informing an injured person that there is no available compensation for the injury. Even though this can be disappointing, many people appreciate this input so they can move on without wondering what they should do about their predicament.

If Mr. Dixon sees a way to secure compensation for an injured person, and the Firm and the injured person agree to a representation, then Mr. Dixon will turn over every leaf to secure that compensation. The Dixon Injury Firm does not charge fees out of pocket. Instead, we work on a contingency basis. That means the firm only gets paid a portion of the funds recovered for our clients. If we do not recover funds, we do not get paid. This helps ensure that our clients are able to try to get help recovering from their injuries without sinking themselves into a dire financial situation.

Claims Lawyers in St. Louis

Dixon's St. Louis claims lawyers are here to help.

Committed To Helping Victims of All Types

Our primary focus is on representing clients that have been physically injured, but we recognize that injuries come in many forms. So we also consider other claims & practice areas. For example, sometimes we see cases where one person signs a contract to sell his business to another person and the other person backs out, causing huge financial losses to the seller. Such a loss could cause health issues, such as psychological trauma. That psychological pain can later manifest itself in physical symptoms, like ulcers for example. We are willing to represent clients on a lawsuit based on failed contracts, whether there is a viable physical injury claim or not. This draws on our core skills developed over years of injury litigation.

We Also Help Whistleblowers

We also will, on occasion, help people that have never been injured at all. Given our work on injuries, we have become experts in the field of health care law. Many healthcare programs allow the public to file complaints against a company that is defrauding the government. The U.S. Department of Justice may choose to take on a lawsuit based on the complaint filed by a private citizen. Complaints are most often filed by a whistleblower from within the company committing the fraud. If the DOJ wins the case, the whistleblower that filed the complaint will usually be given a portion of the recovered funds. In 2016, the DOJ recovered over $4.7 billion. The majority of these claims were started by whistleblowers, and the government awarded $519 million to those whistleblowers. This is a win-win for the whistleblower and the public.

More About Claims Attorneys in St. Louis, MO

Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm excel at claims and additional personal and workplace injuries. Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Chris knows how difficult these cases are for people. To help alleviate financial stress, Dixon Injury Firm make it easier by offering a contingency payment plan. This allows clients to pay fees only if the case is won. Dixon Injury Firm's legal services are free until then.

A Home-Grown Public Servant

Chris Dixon is deeply committed to St. Louis. He grew up in the area and attended Lindbergh High School before briefly leaving to attend the University of Missouri law school. Then came back home to begin his career helping injury victims put their lives back together. He has since recovered over $35 million on behalf of clients across the St. Louis region. He also remembers to give back to the community that has given him so much. For example, he founded the St. Louis Suit Project, a nonprofit group works to give underprivileged high school and college students the professional work attire they need for successful careers.

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