Pit Bull Attacks – Stigma or Gruesome Truth

Some Dog Experts Say All Pit Bulls are Trustworthy and Friendly Towards People, Others Disagree

Pit bulls acquired a reputation as dangerous and unpredictable animals. Owners say pit bulls are eager to please people, super loyal, love people and are great with children. Pit bull lovers blame people for the aggressive behavior of these dogs. The surviving victims and family members that lost a loved one as a result of vicious attacks often blame the dogs. Deadly pit bull attacks may be a stigma, and people are to blame. Or is it true that these dogs are extremely dangerous?

A report issued by DogsBite.org indicated that of the nineteen dog breeds responsible for 88 deaths annually, fifty-nine percent were fatal attacks by pit bulls. More than 30,000 dog bite victims require reconstructive surgery each year, and 880,000 victims seek emergency medical care at a hospital in the United States every year.The number of human fatalities caused by dog bites is rising. The annual average was seventeen in the 1990s and in the past six years, the average has been going up to thirty-one. During an eight-year period ending in 2012, an average of nineteen people were killed by pit bulls each year and in the first half of 2013, Pit bulls inflicted 93 percent of all dog fatalities.

The American Pit Bull Terrier will fight an enemy to the death, and some owners promote the instinct. One of the essential characteristics of pit bulls is their tendency to attack without warning. Most dogs typically bite and retreat, but pit bulls hold on to its opponent or victim with a “hold and shake” bite style to inflict the most damage possible. When these dogs attack, the injuries inflicted may be catastrophic. Experts almost all agree that these dogs have powerful jaws, wide skulls and strong, muscular bodies.

Disturbing Scenes Caused by Pit Bulls

Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith responded to a gruesome scene where seven pit bulls attacked a 21-month-old Monica Renee Laminack and says it was the worst he has ever seen. The little girl was savagely mauled by the dogs. Monica was pronounced dead on the scene. All seven pit bulls were killed by the Animal Control.

Mia De Rouen, a four-year-old girl died in April, 2014, after she was attacked by a pit bull at her residence in Highland Apartment Complex, Houma. Megan Touchet, mother of the little girl, tried to fight the dog off her child and flee from the animal. Medical personnel rushed Mia to the Terrebonne General Medical Center after she was handed to them through a window. The mother suffered moderate injuries, but sadly, Mia died of head and facial injuries.

Rayvin, a pretty little pre-school girl, is receiving care at a Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis after a pit bull attack. Carl Crawford, the victim’s father, says his girl is scarred for life. Rayvin’s face was torn apart and needed 250 stitches while in emergency care.

On April 28, 2014, an Ottawa 14-month-old toddler’s face was ripped apart by a pit bull. The girl was rushed to Children’s hospital of Eastern Ontario after the dog injured parts of Cali’s face down to the bone and bit her nose off. The pit bulls owner did not want the dog put down after it had previously bitten another baby on the face. Cali’s mother, an experienced dog owner, offered to rehabilitate the dog. Cali Leclair was attacked inside her Nepean home. The mother was unable to free her child, and the father had to wedge the pit bulls jaws open with his hands.

In May, 2014, a mother visited her friend at Edwardsville Road, Felton, Del. Her four-year-boy accompanied her. The mother kept an eye over her boy as he played outside. As she was watching through the window, in an instant, the peaceful scene ended when the friend’s pit bulls started to attack her boy. Two HVAC repairman from nearby saw the attack and tried to push the dogs away from the child with piping. The child was later pronounced dead.

Deadliest Dog and Missouri Dog Bite Law

At a level one Trauma Center, a review of eighty-two dog bite cases found that pit bulls are associated with more hospital charges, higher morbidity rates, and an increased risk of death than are attacks of other breeds of dogs. The surviving victims and family members that lost a loved one as a result of vicious attacks and say pit bulls are dangerous are most probably right.

In Missouri, dog owners are held strictly liable for the injuries caused by their animals. However, there are two exceptions: 1) If you provoke the dog, or 2) If you are trespassing. The dog owner’s insurance company will try to argue these two exceptions to reduce the amount of compensation you are entitled to without an aggressive injury lawyer fighting for you. Don’t be victimized twice after a horrific injury.

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