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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides numerous regulations and safety tips for anyone driving a commercial motor vehicle. The FMCSA sets forth several inspection procedures and preventive maintenance measures to protect the community from unsafe trucking companies. Trucking companies who fail to perform simple preventative maintenance and establish simple inspection routines on their massive semi truck fleet are subjecting the public to unnecessary risk.

Preventive Truck Maintenance and Inspection Procedures

Commercial motor vehicles are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations due to the danger they pose to other drivers. This is in large part due to both the enormous weight and frequent use of these vehicles. Numerous unnecessary crashes are the result of worn, failed, and/or incorrectly adjusted truck components. Trucking companies must establish periodic preventive maintenance procedures in order to ensure their trucks are safe for travel.

Trucking companies are always attempting to save money at all costs. As a truck company’s overhead rises, preventative maintenance is an area that is often cut short and overlooked. Brakes are pushed to the limit, worn tires are not replaced, loads are not properly secured, and truck accidents result. Trucking companies need to pay careful attention to the maintenance of the following:

  • Wheel/Tire retention and deterioration
  • Tire inflation
  • Steering system performance
  • Trailer coupling
  • Vehicle lighting
  • Cargo securement
  • Brakes and braking systems

Establishing company wide preventative maintenance procedures which periodically check the integrity of the trucks’ systems will prevent accidents and save lives.

Truck Maintenance and Inspection Safety Tips

Trucking companies must comply with the preventative maintenance and inspection rules set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Some of these safety tips are as follows:

  1. Complete all mandated pre-trip and post-trip inspection reports
  2. Make sure annual inspection decal/report is on/in the vehilce
  3. Check the vehicle carefully prior to driving
  4. Don’t drive a faulty vehicle
  5. Monitor the condition of the vehicle throughout the entire trip
  6. Stop the vehicle immediately if you feel something is wrong
  7. Test the truck’s brakes for stopping performance prior to entering the highway
  8. Check air systems to ensure it is in proper working order
  9. Monitor tire inflation on extended trips
  10. Check tires constantly to ensure they comply with minimum DOT tread depth
  11. Check steering wheel play and write up steering deficiencies

The above list is a very small sampling of some of the rules in which truck drivers are required to abide by pursuant to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Large semi-truck accidents are responsible for horrific injuries and deaths. If a truck company causes devastation in your community, it is vital to determine whether the accident was the result of a failure to abide by the rules established by the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Trucking companies who fail to properly abide by these rules must be punished in order to force their future compliance and keep drivers safe.

If you have been injured in a tractor trailer accident as the result of a trucking company placing profits ahead of safety, immediately contact a Missouri truck accident lawyer to discuss reimbursement for your harms and losses. If the crash was the result of the truck companies poor preventative truck maintenance, action must be taken to protect others from similar future damages.

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