The Real World of Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving while intoxicated should really never happen these days with all the penalties drinking and drivingimposed on a dunk driver. It is a 100% preventable condition and drunk driving accidents should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, not all drivers obey laws or heed warnings, which results in the unnecessary loss of life and needless injuries.

If a driver is convicted for driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or more, it is a class B misdemeanor in the State of Missouri. This is damaging enough in itself to a person’s future, but the penalties don’t always seem to be a deterrent. There were 819 drunk driving accident fatalities in Missouri alone in 2011, which was 38% of the total number of road fatalities that year.

Signs of Drunk Drivers On The Roadway

The first thing that happens is the drunk driver gets blurred vision and has a reduced reaction time. Other drivers will often first notice:

  • Cars weaving in and out of lanes
  • Sudden speed increases or decreases
  • Unreasonable driving speed

A driver with blurred vision may not see vehicles in front of them or in adjacent lanes on a highway. This means if a driver in front of a drunk driver has to stop at an intersection, the drunk driver behind may not be able to see what is going on and fail to stop in time, leading to a rear-end collision. The driver may also overtake when it is not safe to do so and cause a collision with an oncoming vehicle. Drunk drivers should be reported to ensure the safety of others on the roadway.

Drunk Driving Accident Injuries

The unpredictable driving behavior of a drunk driver often leads to devastating injuries. Given the weight of the average vehicle and speeds being traveled, it is no surprise drunk driving accidents claim so many lives. Drunk drivers are also much more likely to become distracted by a cell phone or radio. Taking their attention away from the roadway carries devastating consequences.

Drunk drivers should be aware that it is never an ‘accident’ if you chose to drink and get behind the wheel of a car. In addition to compensatory damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering, drunk drivers are also subject to punitive damages which are not discharged in bankruptcy under Missouri law.

Proving Fault In A Drunk Driving Accident

When you are injured in a drunk driving accident in Missouri and it was not your fault, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the drunk driver. There is no cap on the amount of reimbursement you can seek from the at-fault driver. However, all injury victims should be aware that of the applicable Statute of Limitations in Missouri. Missouri law allows accident victims 5 years in which to bring their case for reimbursement for most car accidents. However, waiting to begin an investigation of an accident can have devastating effects with the loss of evidence over time. The Statute of Limitations may be shorter depending on the facts of the case. It is important that you immediately begin an investigation and gather evidence which supports your case.

Laws can be complicated and insurance companies are difficult to deal with. The insurance industry is setup to make money by paying out as little as possible to injury victims. Our injury lawyers at The Dixon Injury Firm will immediately begin an investigation into your case with no out of pocket expenses required. We work on a contingency fee agreement, meaning there is NO FEE for our services unless we win your case. We pride ourselves on obtaining nothing less than full reimbursement for our clients after an accident. Call today for a FREE Consultation at (314) 409-7060.

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