Data Shows Drivers May Be More Reckless During COVID-19 “Stay at Home Orders”

The roads seem quiet, clear, and safe during this strange time of stay at home orders and social distancing. It seems to be safer than normal with less drivers on the road, but evidence is suggesting that drivers have actually become more reckless since there are less cars to slow them down.

Drivers in all states are being cited for excessive speeding and reckless driving, even though overall citations are down. Drivers exceeding the speed limit are not only more likely to cause a crash, but the injuries resulting from the crash are likely to be much more severe or fatal.

Reaction times are lessened when speeding excessively which puts you and your loved ones at a higher risk for injury or death.

California Highway Patrol reports 85 citations for speeding over 100 mph from May 1 to May 2, 2020, only a two-day span.

Georgia State Patrol reports a 60% increase in citations for drivers exceeding 100 mph in a twelve-day span immediately after their stay-at-home order was put in place on April 3, 2020.

In Texas, a Dallas street racing event in April resulted in over 200 citations and one death despite their stay-at-home order. Minnesota and Louisiana both recorded more fatalities from crashes this year than in the same time period of previous years.

Missouri State Highway Patrol reported at least once a day in Missouri a motorist is cited for exceeding 100 mph. Despite having less vehicles on the road since the stay-at-home order began on April 6th, Missouri reports a total of 214 fatal crashes so far in 2020, an overall increase compared to last year with 39 fatal crashes in April 2020 alone.

Although it may seem like fewer motorists are being pulled over by police, police confirm the speeds of the vehicles they pull over are much higher than usual.

Source: @MSHPTrooperC

Unfortunately, from coast to coast not all of the dangerous speeders are caught, which continues to put the general public and police officers at a higher risk. Although excessive speeding and reckless driving may be arrestable offenses, police face the challenge as to whether or not the offenders should be arrested or fined heavily.

If they bring more people into the jail or sheriff’s department for speeding, it increases the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. It should be noted that many of the vehicles being cited are not just sports vehicles, but average vehicles with drivers stating they’re essential workers, they didn’t realize they were going 100 mph, or simply that they were “just having fun”.

Either way you look at it, these excessive speeders are negligent, careless, and disrespectful to all other motorists and pedestrians sharing the road. One mistake could change a life forever.

You shouldn’t have to handle the aftermath of the personal property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages that come with a motor vehicle crash that someone else has caused. Your mental and physical health shouldn’t be affected by a reckless driver.

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