Recovery From a Back Injury



Back injuries are one of the most frequent injuries that physicians come across during their practice. It is estimated that about 80% of adults, at one point in their lives will be subjected to a back injury, and 10% of these patients are unfortunate enough to have recurrences of these injuries. Back pain is the most significant cause of limitation of movement in age group of younger than 45 years.

Although back injuries can be acquired through rather trivial reasons such as over bending and bad posture, the more perilous ones are those sustained in automobile accidents such as semi-truck crashes which are rising at an alarming rate in the U.S. An estimate increment of 20% in the number of heavy vehicles is expected by next year, posing considerable threat for the general public.

If you have attained a back injury during an car accident or any other cause, given below are some guidelines you need to follow for a smooth recovery.


The first thing that needs to be determined is the type and extent of injury, because these are the two principal factors that will determine the degree of your recovery.

Type of injury: as a diversity of tissues make up your back, some more vulnerable than others, it is important to know what kind of tissue has been damaged so the treatment and thence, recovery proceeds accordingly. Minor muscle strains, ligament sprains and subcutaneous bruises are not a serious problem, as they often heal either spontaneously or with adequate rest. Some tissues are more easily repaired as due to their high proliferative and adaptive power such as the muscle, whereas injury to the nerves is a grave matter because they are virtually incapable of regenerating damaged cells.

Extent of injury: the magnitude of injury sustained determines the extent to which the tissue has been damaged, which in return will convey the time it will take the tissue to repair the damage. This will also allow the physician to determine the grade of injury and modify the treatment methods most suitable to that amount of damage.


It is vital to know the causes of back injuries as many of them can be easily avoided. This awareness will also be of benefit for the people that are already suffering from it because they will then be more be cautious as to avoid circumstances that will lead to trauma of the back.



After trauma your body needs to immobilize for a certain period of time to establish its reparative mechanism. At the same time excessive lack of activity may lead to deterioration of muscles and bones so a specific amount or rest is important.


2. Painkillers:

The most disabling problem of an injury is the pain that even makes sleeping unpleasant. This pain can be dealt with simple over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, diclofenac or acetaminophen. Pain of intense and excruciating nature requires strong narcotics like morphine and its derivatives that are available on prescription.


3. Spasmolytics:

Muscles tend to go in spasm after an injury; these medications will relax your muscles and provide comfort.


4. Corticosteroids:

Their function is to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the injured area, they can be injected or ingested.


5. Local anaesthetics:

Applied locally, anaesthetics will numb the area so patient is unable to feel any pain.


6. Surgery:

If the damage occurred cannot be left to heal on its own, various surgical procedures are performed to fix the injury.


7. Physiotherapy:

An unrecognized fact in the masses is that too much rest and lack of activity after injury is just as harmful as the injury itself. Therefore, to keep the muscles and bones in form, physiotherapy is applied so patient doesn’t have to pay the price of losing a part of his body at the expense of injury.


The prognosis of a back injury depends on the following factors:

  1. An accurate and urgent diagnosis.
  2. Correct mode of treatment.
  3. The level of compliance of the patient towards the treatment. As well his will power to steer through the ordeal.

The above mentioned strategies if followed should lead to a speedy recovery in cases where the injury is not very severe. Unfortunately, some injuries may render the patient disabled for life for which there is no cure. Hence, prevention of injury is always better its treatment.

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