Republic, MO Crash Kills Teen

A fatal Republic, Missouri car crash that occurred just after 7 p.m. on Monday night claimed the life of one teen and seriously injured another. According to officials, the car ran off of the roadway and crashed into a tree head-on.  The teen driver, Garrett Blotter, 16, died on impact. The passenger, Desmond Roy, was seriously injured and was airlifted to a hospital in Springfield.  The crash occured in Republic, Missouri at the intersection of Lynn Avenue and Miller Road.  Prayers go out to the family and friends of both Garrett Blotter and Desmond Roy.

Worried about your teen driver?

Here are a few general tips to keep teens safe on the roadway:

  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Avoid driving with passengers in your vehicle, as they are an added distraction
  • If you do have passenger in your car, make sure they buckle up, too
  • Make sure your headrest is adjusted to a height as tall as your head to minimize whiplash
  • Don’t try to run stale yellow lights
  • Wait for roadways to clear before accelerating on a fresh green light
  • Always obey the speed limits
  • Avoid changing lanes excessively
  • Don’t play with the radio, your cell phone, or any other distracting item while driving
  • Make sure you stay current on maintenance checks on your vehicle
  • If you feel tired or distracted while driving, pull over until you can resume driving safely
  • Avoid driving in the dark on poorly lit roadways
  • Avoid making left hand turns into busy intersections that lack turn signals
  • Watch out for and avoid aggressive drivers
  • Always look out for deer or other large animals on the roadway

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