Schools In Missouri Closed Again

Schools across Missouri were closed again on Thursday because of new snow that fell late Wednesday night and Thursday for most of the morning. Although it was nothing like the blizzard that hit the area just days ago, it was enough to shut down many of the public and private schools across the area. Some schools have been shut down for a sixth straight day. This creates scheduling problems, and may force many of the schools deeper into the summer in order to maintain their status for funding with the state and federal governments. Public schools in Missouri, and across the country, must maintain specific standards in order to continue receiving their funding. Some of the criteria include the number of days in the classroom, and the number of students in attendance. So when the school systems are forced to shut down because of dangerous weather conditions, they are forced to run longer into the summer or cut days off somewhere in the following months.

The Roads Remained Clear Despite Extra Snow

Although Missouri residents saw more snow after the massive blizzard that struck earlier this week, the roadways remained relatively clear because of the efforts of snow crews. Some of the more rural areas are still dealing with the snow, but for the most part the major highways and bi-ways were cleared, and so heavily salted that the recent snow storm didn’t have as much of an effect at it would have otherwise. When salt is spread on the roads it lowers the freezing point of the snow, and therefore it melts. When roads have been heavily salted, it can be hard for new snow to accumulate, that’s because the roadways are a wet, salty, mush. This can be hazardous if the the amount of new snow is so great, that it does accumulate on the mush, because it’s likely to re-freeze and become snow covered ice. Snow covered ice, is likely the most dangerous driving condition a winter storm can bring. That’s because the snow on top of the ice conceals it’s identity, and provides a slick barrier, making it difficult for tires to get any sort of traction.

Here Are A Few Tips For Driving On Snow Covered Ice

Make sure you don’t accelerate or decelerate rapidly. This is because your tires have the best grip when they are not sliding, or spinning out. Secondly, if you feel your rear end start to slide out, make sure to turn your wheel into the direction your rear end is sliding, in order to straighten out the vehicle. This may seem counter-intuitive, because you might think to turn the opposite way you are sliding. But for the most part, you always want to turn your wheel into the direction you are sliding, and never spin your tires or lock your brakes, just glide it out. If you are injured in a snow related car accident, please give our office a call today and schedule a no obligation, free consultation. And please seek medical help immediately.

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