To Settle or Not to Settle

In our modern, litigious society, more often than not, cases end up being settled before going to court and receiving a judgment. Settling a case means that both parties solve the issues without using a court trial.

Typically, in a personal injury case, an insurance company or other at-fault party, offers some amount of payment or award to the injured victim. Is settling a case more beneficial than having a jury trial?

The Benefits of Settling a Case:

There are benefits to both settling a case, and bring a case to court. Here are a few benefits to settling:

  • Immediacy. Settling with an insurance company or other party can yield immediate compensation. It does not involve the use of an attorney or expert witness. An individual can expect rather timely payment. HOWEVER, once an individual settles, they can never bring another case relating to the injury at hand. So, if another costly injury develops after settling, an individual will not receive any compensation for these damages. Similarly, without the help of an attorney, an individual will almost certainly be low-balled, or paid far less than they actually deserve. Working with an attorney can increase your settlement offer by large sums of money.
  • Stress. Some individuals fear hiring an attorney or taking a case to court will be too stressful. They prefer having a hand in their settlement, working things out on their own, and continuing on their way. While this option may be better for some accident victims, it is typically a terrible factor to base the decision to settle on. An experienced Missouri injury attorney will work tirelessly to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve in a stress-free manner. In fact, you will likely find the process much less stressful, as your attorney will aggressively fight to do all of the work for you, while your simply relax and recover.

When Does it Not Make Sense to Settle

Our experienced attorneys, recognized for recovering over 34,000,000.00 for injury clients, strongly believe that it is almost never in victim’s best interest to settle a case on their own with an insurance company or at-fault party. This is because our attorneys have seen insurance companies take advantage of accident victims time and time again. Insurance companies are infamous for cheating and misleading, and low-balling victims.

Sure, there are some personal injury cases that may be better off settled privately between the victim and the insurance company or at-fault party; but our attorneys recommend always calling an injury lawyer for a free, no obligation consultation to decipher if your individual circumstance would be better handled via private settlement. Our attorneys will give you their sound opinion on how your case would be best handled for FREE. Call us today at 314.409.7060 or at 855.40.CRASH to find out more.

Who Should Decide to Settle?

When considering a possible settlement, it is important that a lawyer examine the details of the case (FOR FREE here) to see if settlement is in the client’s best interest. Many times, the at-fault company or party will offer settlement terms that do not fully or fairly compensate the victim’s injuries and losses.  While the decision to settle privately or a hire an injury lawyer is truly in the hands of the victim, it is a good idea to contact an experienced lawyer before making a fast decision.

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