Spring Safety Tips

This week marks our first few days of Spring 2013.  While the still-chilly temperatures beckon us inside for some spring-cleaning, let’s all remember to keep safe as this season comes and goes.

Household Cleaning Safety

  1. Make sure that all chemicals, poisons, and cleaning products are properly marked and stored, away from children’s reach.  Properly dispose of any old or defective products.
  2. If you are storing gasoline or outdoor cleaning fluids, make sure they are similarly properly marked, and stored in a cool, dry environment.
  3. Never use gasoline as a cleaning solvent, and avoid contact between skin and gasoline.
  4. If cleaning up dangerous chemicals, such as gasoline, wear safety gloves, and follow the directions notated on the packaging.
  5. Remove all items that may come into contact with skin or mucous membranes before spraying or wiping down surfaces with cleaning fluids.
  6. Before firing up the grill this spring, ensure that it does not have any leaks or cracks.
  7. Remove all fire hazards from around the house, including stacks of newspapers or magazines.  Make sure that these items are not near the dryer, hot water tank, or furnace.

Outdoor Cleaning Safety

  1. Make sure to wear protective clothing when dealing with harsh chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers.
  2. Do not operate a lawn mower or weed trimmer without proper clothing, which should include shoes and tight apparel.
  3. Rake the yard before mowing to ensure that loose debris and rocks don’t fly from the motor.
  4. Never leave a mower on and operational while it is unattended.
  5. Before doing any weed removal, familiarize yourself with the identity of poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and similarly toxic plants.
  6. Spring’s extra rain can easily flood roadways and bodies of water.  Avoid flooded areas, and if the storms do become dangerous, take shelter in a ditch or depression.

Wishing you a safe spring on behalf of Missouri personal injury attorney Christopher Dixon.

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