St. Louis Cardinals Schedule Released; Avoiding Injuries Post-Game

With the first week of spring comes the release of the St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball schedule.  The first home game of the season will be Monday, April 18, 2013, at 3:15 pm versus the Reds.  The onslaught of warm weather and St. Louis events, such as Cardinal’s games, typically brings increases in traffic and pedestrian accidents.

In order to avoid injuries and crashes following the games, take note of these preventative tips:

  1. Set a limit on alcohol consumption. Drinking too much alcohol alters the inhibitions and reflexes of the individual.  Several pedestrian accidents stem from either a intoxicated driver or pedestrian.  Be sure to set an alcohol limit if you are going to drink, and if you’re going to drive do not drink at all.
  2. Leave the game a few minutes early, or stay after for a while. Post-game traffic can be extremely dangerous.  Several accidents occur in parking garages and on packed city streets.  If you can, leave early or stay late, to avoid the influx of drivers after the game.
  3. Follow all traffic rules. As a driver, obey the speed limit, and all traffic signals. There are several one way roads near the Cardinal’s stadiums, drive cautiously, and do not attempt to make unwarranted U-turns. Similarly, pedestrians should also walk with caution. Only proceed with proper traffic signals, and don’t chance your life by illegally crossing busy roadways.
  4. Avoid distractions. While walking or driving, avoid distractions.  Stay off of your cellphone, and be aware of your surroundings.  Distracted driving is a considerable contributing factor to most Missouri car crashes.

Stay safe this baseball season, and GO CARDS!

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