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St. Louis Deer Stand Injury Lawyers. Deer stands, also known as tree stands, are devices that are used when hunting to obscure hunters from animals and allow hunters a wider view of the land. Deer stand injuries accounted for 4,000 of the reported injuries by hunters in 2015. This poses a serious concern for St. Louis and Missouri residents due to the popularity of hunting in the area. If you or someone you know has sustained deer stand injuries, it is important to contact a deer stand injury lawyer to ensure that you’re taken care of during your path to recovery.

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While deer stand injuries are not a new phenomenon, the risk that these devices pose needs more awareness. Late last year, a woman was killed when she fell from a deer stand that was 20-feet-high in Missouri. Many hunters are aware of the importance of gun and other equipment safety, but the risks of deer stands are not stressed. While not always fatal, deer stands can cause serious injuries in hunters such as broken bones, head damage, and back/neck damage. A hunter in Missouri was severely injured after falling from a deer stand while hunting last October. The man sustained head and arm injuries and was rushed to the hospital following the accident. It is important that if you or someone you know sustains deer stand injuries while hunting to immediately seek medical attention.

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Common Deer Stand Accidents

A lack of knowledge when using hunting equipment can lead to serious injuries. Some of the most common deer stand injuries have occurred when people haven’t worn their harnesses while using deer stands. If the stand happens to give out, using a harness will protect you from a dangerous fall since you’ll be attached to the tree. It is important to wear a harness at all times when using a deer stand, including when you’re ascending and descending. According to the TreeStand Safety Awareness Foundation, 86% of deer stand injuries occurred because the hunter didn’t use a harness. It is crucial when using a deer stand to secure your feet to the platform to avoid falling. An often overlooked step, if your feet are not secured to the stand and you aren’t wearing a harness, you can risk falling if you take an accidental step back or lose your balance due to an uneven surface.

How to Prevent Deer Stand Injuries

If using a deer stand while hunting, it is best to be informed of how the equipment should be used. Before using a deer stand, it is essential to know how to:

  • Inspect a deer stand. All equipment should be inspected to ensure that it isn’t faulty or damaged. Using old or damaged equipment can lead to serious injuries.
  • Use a harness. Securing yourself to the tree with a sturdy harness is critical. A lot of hunters think that since the deer stand is firmly attached to the tree, they’ll be safe. Using a harness ensures that if you jump back after being scared by a loud noise or the stand gives out, you’ll be safe.
  • Connect the top and bottom portions of the deer stand. While a harness will keep you secure, if the top and bottom part of the deer stand isn’t secure, it can cause serious damage when ascending and descending from the tree.

If you have been injured while using a deer stand, you should immediately contact a medical professional to make sure that you didn’t suffer any external or internal injuries. You should then contact a deer stand injury lawyer to consult with you about your injuries. You could be entitled to compensation and recoveries for your deer stand injuries, and by using the services of a firm like Dixon you’re ensuring that you’ll receive the most to cover medical bills, lost wages, or other expenses that have occurred due to the accident.

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