St. Louis DUI Lawyers and Community Safety

According to MoDOT, St. Louis alone experienced 862 car accident fatalities in 2015. Alcohol and drugs played a role in this alarming statistic and account for hundreds of citations and arrests each year.

As a St. Louis drunk driving accident lawyer, Dixon Injury Firm understands how convoluted these legal matters may be for victims and their families. You’ll be fighting legal precedents and statutes, insurance companies, and other lawyers wanting a swift and often unfavorable settlement that is not in your best interests.

DUI Basics in Missouri & Illinois

Like other states, Missouri’s DWI laws take blood alcohol concentration and prior convictions into account. Varying jail time, penalties, and license suspensions are common based on your priors. We move into different territory when other damages are added to the equation, like a serious car wreck or damaged property.

In Illinois, a DUI or DWI may result in license suspension, fines, and jail time. It’s important to note that each state has different laws. In Illinois, for example, having a BAC between .05 and .08% leave punishment to the court. According to, the minimum cost of a DWI conviction is about $18,000. This makes sense when you consider court fees, hiring an attorney, bail, and treatment and remedial programs. Insurance rates will spike, too.

DUI Attorneys in St. Louis

Why do you need a drunk driving lawyer? One of the main reasons is that most defendants assume there’s no way to fight fines or jail time. People with a DUI attorney can experience a reduction in fines or be placed on probation instead of in jail.

Other things a DUI lawyer can help you with:

  • Restoring a revoked license
  • Challenging an arrest
  • Courtroom representation
  • BAC and other tests

If you’re ever pulled over, it’s important to remain calm and be respectful at all times. Remember that convictions aren’t always certainties — contact a drunk driving lawyer as soon as possible.

A Silver Lining in Community Safety

A DUI can cause inconveniences in your life. A drunk and possibly fatal accident extreme repercussions for entire communities. An accident can lead to jail time, too, alongside punitive damages. Communities are often awarded these damages when a jury finds that wrongful conduct (i.e. driving under the influence) was done with the intentional disregard for the safety of others.

A car accident lawyer will come into play at this point. Are the damages relative to the crime? It’s important for juries to take into account the financial means of the defendant. A $10,000 fine against a 6-figure salary doesn’t send the same message as the same fine against a low-income defendant. We see large corporations do this all of the time, simply pushing minor fines under the rug without further conduct.

According to Chris Dixon, a DUI attorney in St. Louis, “It’s important for everyone to pay attention to the specifics of legislation and make ongoing efforts to be more involved in the creation of our laws.” By allowing drunk driving accidents to be swept away, communities are enabling the cycle to continue.

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