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St. Louis Hunting Accident Lawyers. The term “hunting accident” brings to mind shooting accidents and gunshot wounds, but there are many different ways that someone can be injured while hunting. This includes falling from a tree stand, animal attacks, and using faulty equipment. It is important that if you or someone you care about is involved in a hunting accident to seek out immediate medical attention, and then contact a Hunting Accident Lawyer at the Dixon Injury Firm. It’s our goal to protect your rights and help you win a claim or a lawsuit.

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Hunting accidents can cause serious damage such as broken bones, head trauma, and other damage. Earlier this year, a man was shot in the chest by another hunter, and was pronounced dead after seeking medical attention. It is important to call a hunting accident lawyer to consult with you about your injuries so that your rights can be protected. Christopher R. Dixon understands St. Louis and Missouri hunting laws and regulations, and has the experience and resources you need to ensure that you receive the most in compensation for your claim. Dixon utilizes a contingency plan, so legal representation is completely free. If you cannot travel due to injuries from the hunting accident, the Hunting Accident Attorneys at Dixon will make every effort to travel to you. You will only have to pay for legal services if Dixon recovers damages for your personal injury.

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Hunting Tips for a Safe Experience

While there are various ways that someone can be injured while hunting, the main way to prevent hunting accidents from happening is to be informed. It is important that before hunting, you are knowledgeable of your State’s hunting and safety laws to ensure that you’re safe. While Missouri requires hunters to complete a hunter education certification course to receive a hunting license, it is important that the rules from this course are remembered and strictly adhered to so that hunting accidents can be prevented.

To ensure that you’re safe while hunting, it is essential to:

  • Fully understand how all hunting equipment works, including guns, bows, crossbows, deer stands, harnesses, and other gear. Taking the time to learn how all equipment works before use can save you from a hunting accident.
  • Wear protection such as hunter orange clothing (fluorescent orange) to increase your visibility when hunting, and reduce the potential of other hunters mistakenly assuming that you’re wildlife in the woods.
  • Know your target’s location, and know what is in front of and behind your target. It is important to not raise your scope before knowing this so as to prevent shooting other hunters, or shooting at a target that is too far away that could potentially ricochet and then cause injuries.
  • Be focused and calm. While it’s understandable to be excited when an animal appears, being distracted when using hunting equipment can cause you to lose control and potentially harm either yourself or another hunter.
  • Wear a harness while using a deer stand. 86% of deer stand injuries occur because the hunter didn’t use a harness, and can prove to be fatal. By using a harness at all times, you’re securing yourself and ensuring that you won’t fall.

If you or someone you know is involved in a hunting accident, seek immediate medical attention. It is important to consult a Hunting Accident Lawyer to understand how much your hunting accident injury claim is worth, which will save you from the stress of steep medical bills and potential loss of wages due to the accident.

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Christopher R. Dixon is committed to helping St. Louis residents receive the most in compensation for their personal injury claims. Dixon has recovered more than $35,000,000.00 in compensation and recoveries for their clients due to hard work and perseverance, and will apply the same efforts to fighting for your hunting accident case. Chris has been named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyers Association, and has earned a Lifetime Membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Form due to his strong work ethic. If you or someone you know has been involved in a hunting accident, and need hunting accident legal guidance, call or contact the Hunting Accident Lawyers at Dixon Injury Firm at 314-409-7060, or toll-free at 855-40-CRASH to get justice for your hunting accident case today.

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