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St. Louis Physician Neglect Lawyers. Physician neglect is when a medical professional fails to perform in a way that differs from accepted medical standards. If a physician is negligent, it can cause patients to experience worsened symptoms if their illness isn’t properly diagnosed, can allow for the spread of the untreated illness, and if given the wrong treatment or medication, patients may experience serious side effects such as stomach ulcers, bleeding or death. This is a serious concern for St. Louis residents because in 2016 there were over 8,500 physician neglect claims paid to victims.

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If you have been a victim of physician neglect, it is crucial that you consult a Physician Neglect Lawyer at the Dixon Injury Firm to protect you from being wrongfully under-compensated by the negligent party.

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Signs of Physician Neglect

While poor results after seeking medical help doesn’t always constitute as physician neglect, doctors can make mistakes that cause patients to experience harmful side effects which can be considered medical malpractice. Some of the most common types of physician neglect are:

  • A physician failing to diagnose a disease or a condition that required immediate medical attention. If your doctor didn’t meet medical care standards, you could have a claim.
  • Improper treatment. If your doctor misdiagnosed you and allowed for treatment that you didn’t need, this could cause serious health side effects.
  • If your doctor prescribed the wrong medication for your illness, he or she has violated the medical standard of care and committed physician neglect.
  • If you are pregnant, and your physician fails to treat any conditions that could endanger you or the fetus, you might have a medical malpractice case.

Proving Physician Neglect

If you or someone you care about is a victim of physician neglect, it is critical to know your rights as a patient and understand that you could be entitled to damages because of your experience. To prove physician neglect, you will need to consult a Physician Neglect Lawyer and prove that there is an existing Doctor-Patient relationship, and that there was some sort of agreement for the physician to treat you. It will then need to be argued that your doctor didn’t act in accordance with your State’s medical care standard. This is done by showing what your doctor should have done to treat you by examining other doctors from the community, and will prove that the physician violated clinical practice guidelines. It’ll need to be proved that your doctor caused your condition to worsen, or that you were harmed while being treated under their care because of them.

Lastly, details of the harm or damages you’ve sustained will need to be provided. This includes loss of wages, bills from additional medical treatment, or other expenses that arose due to the physician neglect. All of the claims from above need to be found by a judge to be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This means that a jury must believe that more than half of the claims made by the defendant are true. If they believe any less than this, this will not be enough to win a case. If you or someone you care about has been a victim of physician neglect, a Physician Neglect Lawyer will make this difficult process easier. Dixon utilizes a contingency plan that means that all consultations are free, and you will only have to pay for legal services if they successfully recover damages for your case. The Missouri Physician Neglect Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm understand how trying being a victim of physician neglect can be, and are dedicated to fighting for your case. Dixon has recovered more than $35,000,000.00 in damages for clients, and has the resources and experience to win the most for your case.

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Christopher R. Dixon has repeatedly been named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers, and his hard work and determination to fight for his clients has earned him a Lifetime Membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Form. As a St. Louis native, Dixon understands Missouri healthcare laws and regulations and is dedicated to winning the most in compensation for clients from negligent parties. If you or someone you care about has been a victim of physician neglect, and you need a Physician Neglect Lawyer, call or contact the Dixon Injury Firm at (314) 409-7060 or 855-40-CRASH today.

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