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Dixon, a St. Louis-based product liability firm, provides professional legal counsel in defective design lawsuits. Dixon’s Product liability services include everything from phone battery explosions, defective drugs, airbag recalls, and more. Dixon’s defective design lawyers are here to assist clients recover from these accidents. We’ll discuss more about defective design and how it differs from manufacturing and other product liability cases in St. Louis, MO, on this page.

Defective design attorneys in St. Louis. In terms of product liability cases, defective design is different than manufacturing defects. A manufacturing defect can be one flaw in a plastic mold or a loose screw whereas design defects refer to the root of the problem. A car’s brakes failing, for example, can be connected to any number of flaws. Aggressive driving, a cracked component, poor maintenance, etc. No one bats an eye at a single defective brake — instead, we put our trust in mechanics and manufacturers. However, if the same brake continues to be a problem in 10, 100, or all vehicles with this particular model, we can start looking at it is a design problem. The St. Louis defective design lawyers at Dixon Injury Firm have the resources and experience to help people with these cases. Contact us for more info and a free consultation.

What are Defective Design Cases in St. Louis?

Like other product liability claims, Dixon Injury Firm’s defective design attorneys fight to help clients recover damages. This may include medical bills, emotional hardship, lost wages from time off during recovery, and pain. We fight for fair compensation to recover damages not only for you and your family, but to raise red flags to manufacturers to make sure defective design accidents are addressed and more safety protocols put in place.

Dixon Injury Firm regularly litigates defective design cases for St. Louis residents. Clients can learn more about our focus areas on the practice areas page. As always you are welcome to contact us today to learn more about us, our experience, and how we can help.

Defective designs can lead to all sorts of injuries and accidents. This could be any consumer product such as a water heater, power tools, or appliances. You can also take into account safety labels on products and other inaccurate consumer information. Here are a few injuries that stem from defective product design:

  • Emotional distress
  • Brain damage
  • Burns, breaks, amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Death

Probably the most famous design defect in history is the fuel system on the Ford Pinto. This small, popular car was very prone to exploding in a crash because of the poorly-protected fuel system. Ford could have easily made the system much safer, but chose not to because it would be too expensive. The family of a 13-year-old boy was awarded $125 million after he was severely burned in a Ford Pinto crash, one of countless design defect cases faced by Ford.

The small airplane manufacturer Piper Aircraft has faced lawsuits related to a movable rear wing called a “stabilator” that is installed on its small Seneca aircraft. This movable rear wing is, some say, too weakly reinforced and may be prone to “fluttering” so violently that the planes break up midair. Piper has denied this, saying that federal safety investigators have never labeled the stabilator as a design defect.

The exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphone also appears to have suffered from a design defect. Like most modern electronics, it was powered by a lithium-ion battery that contains two flammable materials, each attached to an electrode, that are together in the same pouch but are never supposed to touch. The small separator between the two electrodes turned out to be too weak and over time the phone’s normal wear and tear could cause the two electrodes to touch and short circuit, causing the battery to overheat or even catch on fire.

The popular Remington 700 series bolt-action rifle is also the subject of a design defect case. The guns allegedly have a trigger design defect that gives the gun a tendency to spontaneously fire when the safety is turned off, without anyone touching the trigger. This is apparently much more likely in the cold. Needless to say, this is incredibly dangerous and many people have been apparently killed by the rifles going off when the owner did not expect them to, and the company faces millions of dollars’ worth of lawsuits.

What To do If You Have Been Injured

The first thing an injured person should do is get treatment for his or her injuries. This is an obvious safety rule, but it is also important to document any necessary medical treatment. Next the evidence needs to be preserved. In particular, the defective product should be saved and the aftermath of whatever went wrong should be documented. Oftentimes, valuable evidence is destroyed by someone cleaning up after an accident and this should be avoided to the extent possible.

Also, an injured person should never accept money or sign anything before talking to their own lawyer. Insurance companies love to make low-ball offers early in the case, because a small offer can seem like a lot of money before all the medical bills start rolling in. If you have been injured in the St. Louis, Missouri area by a defectively-designed product, then we encourage you to call our firm for a free, no-obligation consultation at (314) 409-7060.

Legal Advice for Defective Design Claims

Getting legal representation is paramount for victims of defective design in St. Louis. Fortunately, the experts at Dixon Injury Firm have the experience and resources you need. Here are frequently asked questions we get from potential clients:

Do I pay a retainer or some other fee? No. Dixon Injury Firm’s lawyers charge a contingency, meaning you only pay for legal services if you win the trial.

How long do cases take? A typical product liability case can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. You never know. Our job is to bring you swift recompense for your losses.

What’s the first step? The first thing you should do is contact Dixon for a free consultation. If we take the case we can talk about where to go from there.

More About Defective Design Attorneys in St. Louis, MO

Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm excel at defective design, personal injury, and other workplace claims. Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Chris understands how difficult these types of cases are for people. Dixon Injury Firm make things easier by offering a contingency payment plan. Dixon’s legal services are free. We only charge clients based on a percentage if we win the trial.

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