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Dixon Injury Firm’s defective marketing lawyers specialize in St. Louis, MO, product liability cases.

Dixon, a St. Louis, MO, personal injury firm, offers top-shelf legal counsel to families involved in defective marketing cases. Dixon Injury Firm’s product liability services include everything from phone battery explosions, defective drugs, airbag recalls, and more. Our defective marketing attorneys are here to assist clients recover from these consumer protection incidents. We will discuss more about these deceptive marketing claims in St. Louis, MO, further down this page.

Defective marketing attorneys in St. Louis. False or misleading advertising, deceptive tactics, bait-and-switch, deceptive marketing, and other topics relate to consumer protection or, in a more straightforward sense, product liability. The St. Louis defective marketing lawyers at Dixon Injury Firm help clients navigate these claims. Typically, they involve some sort of false advertising or mislead information that leads to personal harm. You can contact us for more information and a free consultation.

What are Defective Marketing Claims in St. Louis, MO?

Dixon Law Firm has the resources and experience needed to settle your next defective marketing claim in St. Louis. These claims often involve manufacturing defects, designs, and “failure to warn.” An example of the latter would be using a product not-as-advertised causing an injury. While many of these may seem like common sense, these lawsuits are paramount for keeping consumers safe because they raise safety awareness and standards. It’s important for victims and their families to secure resourceful legal representation when it comes to product and personal injury lawsuits. The legal professionals at Dixon Injury Firm will help you from day one.

Defective marketing cases typically involve product liability that Dixon Injury Firm routinely handles for St. Louis clients. You can learn more about Dixon’s areas of expertise on the practice areas page. Of course you are welcome to contact us now.

Defective marketing lawyers are responsible for proving several things in against a defendant. You can’t sue a manufacturer after being electrocuted for using a microwave as a drain stopper, for example. Here are a few things practiced deceptive marketing lawyers in St. Louis need to address to win a case:

  • Did the product pose risks the manufacturer knew about and failed to remedy?
  • Would an average (“ordinary”) person encounter these risks using the same product?
  • Were the safety warnings there but unclear and vague?
  • Was it a lack of warnings or misuse that led to the injury?

Legal Advice for Defective Marketing Lawyers Cases

Defective marketing cases may be a one time fluke or require a manufacturer (or distributor or retailer) to recall all of its products. Here are two questions potential clients should have answered before taking the next step:

How much do I pay for legal representation? This varies based on the case and its scope, of course, but fortunately the expert deceptive marketing lawyers at Dixon Injury Firm use a contingency payment plan. It’s free.

How much can I win? Settlement payouts depend on a lot of factors as well. Typically, any sort of product liability case will win you medical and personal reimbursement.

What else can Dixon help me with? Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis lawyers specialize in a number of areas. These include product liability, car and truck accidents, personal injury, and workers compensation. Reach out for a free consultation today!

More About Defective Marketing Attorneys in St. Louis, MO

Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm specialize in defective marketing cases among other areas. Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Chris understands how difficult workers compensation cases are for clients. Dixon Trial Lawyers make it easier by offering a contingency payment system. Dixon’s legal counsel is free. We will only charge our clients based on a percentage if we win the trial.

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If you or someone close to you is in need of deceptive marketing services in St. Louis, Dixon Injury Firm provides free consultations. Call local at (314)409-7060 or toll-free at (855)40-CRASH. We are proud to share our compensation results and client testimonials. Dixon also specializes in personal injury, truck and car accidents, and other injury claims.

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