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DePuy Attune Hip and Knee Implant Lawyer Missouri

DePuy Attune Hip and Knee Implant Lawsuit Lawyer in Missouri. DePuy Orthopaedics produces Attune knee replacements and Depuy hip implants. The company is owned by Johnson & Johnson which is a leading brand in the healthcare industry. More than 400,000 hips and 600,000 knees are replaced every year in the U.S., so the recent recall of Attune knee implants and DePuy hip replacements has likely affected hundreds of people in the U.S. Upwards of 90,000 received the hip implants in the U.S. alone. If you or someone you know are experiencing complications with your hip replacement, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain caused by these defective devices. Our Missouri DePuy Hip and Knee Implant Lawsuit Lawyers are dedicated to helping victims. Our injury attorneys will make sure that you’re aware of your rights, informed about your options for filing a claim, and given peace of mind knowing that our experienced lawyers are doing everything they possibly can to recover the most in compensation for your Missouri Depuy implant lawsuit.

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What is a Hip Implant?

DePuy hip replacement implants are metal devices that are implanted via the pelvis to replace a patient’s hip. The most common patients that receive hip implants are athletes, the elderly and those that are genetically disposed to problematic hip issues. The purpose of a DePuy hip implant is to relieve the patient from any pain or suffering that they might experience from their worn down or weak hip. A hip implant allows patients to move freely and not worry about their hip issues. Most DePuy Orthopaedics products are issue-free, but in 2010, a widespread recall on DePuy hip replacement devices was released due to issues with the metal-on-metal implant such as loosening, pain and loss of free range of motion in patients.

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Side Effects of Depuy Hip Implants | Missouri Depuy Hip Implant Lawsuits

Artificial hips are made of durable, yet flexible metal that is supposed to simulate a patient’s original hip comfortably. An artificial hip should provide patient’s with freedom of motion, and allow them to be free from terrible hip pain. The DePuy hip implants were at the center of criticism in 2010 due to a slew of inconvenient and painful side effects from the devices:

  • Adverse local tissue reaction – the metal from the hip replacement’s joints aggravates the tissues and bones surrounding the implant site causing pain, discomfort and a loose implant
  • Severe pain – a hip replacement implant uses a ball joint that allows a patient to move normally. If a ball joint becomes misaligned or worn down, this can cause severe pain and discomfort in patients
  • Metal toxicity – some heavy metals can prove to be toxic to humans over time in large amounts. Several claims have been made against DePuy hip replacements citing metal toxicity from the devices
  • Metallosis – the buildup of metal debris from implants. While a common side effect of implants, high levels of metal debris is problematic and dangerous
  • Premature failure – hip implants should last for years, but DePuy hip replacements have been shown fail in as soon as a year after surgery in some patients

If you have received a full DePuy hip replacement and have experienced any of the above side effects after having corrective surgery, you may be eligible to recover damages. In 2010, DePuy recalled two hip replacement models, the ASR XL Acetabular System and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System, after the number of patients requiring surgery to reimplant their hip implant increased greatly. Our Missouri DePuy hip implant lawyers understand that you’re looking for answers after your hip implant failed, so our lawyers are here to help. Hip replacement surgery is painful enough; no one should have to deal with pain from a device they had implanted to end their hip pain and suffering. Our experienced attorneys will fight for your product liability case and make sure that you understand every step of the process.

What is an Attune Knee Implant?

Similar to DePuy hip replacements, Attune knee implants are designed to alleviate pain from patients with bad or worn down knees and surrounding tissues. Knee implants can be metal or plastic and are supposed to serve as a long-term replacement for those with knee problems. A knee implant should allow patients to experience a wider range of motion, little to no discomfort and no worries about their knee replacement implant whatsoever. If you have had pain or discomfort because of the knee replacement that you received after January 2013, you could be eligible to recover damages with a Missuri Attune knee implant lawsuit. Hundreds of victims have come forward with claims of pain, discomfort, device failure and other complications from the devices.

Complications from Attune Hip and Knee Implants | Missouri Depuy Hip and Knee Implant Settlements

If you are one of the hundreds of U.S. residents that have received an Attune knee implant after January 2013, you could be eligible to recover compensation. Patients that have received these devices have experienced severe side effects such as:

  • Tibial loosening – the dislocation or loosening of the implant and the surrounding bone which can cause discomfort and pain in patients with Attune knee replacements
  • Device dislocation – this can severely limit the range of motion of a patient with a knee replacement and cause them an immense amount of pain and discomfort
  • Nerve damage – several claims have come forward against DePuy knee implants citing bone damage and tissue scarring from DePuy knee implants
  • Bone fractures – when a knee implant becomes loose and a patient continues to walk with it, this can cause bone damage such as fractures and more
  • Failure – DePuy knee implants are marketed as devices that are meant to last, but many patients who have received these implants have experienced failure in as soon as a year after surgery

In 2017, the first lawsuit against DePuy knee replacements was made to the FDA with others sure to follow. Additionally, in the past couple of years, several surgeons have come forward with concerns about the high rate of failures from DePuy knee replacements. The device is available to be removed and replaced with a new implant after contacting DePuy about your complications with your knee replacement. After undergoing corrective surgery for your DePuy knee replacement, it’s essential to speak with your DePuy knee implant lawyer about your case. A large insurance company insures DePuy, so it isn’t recommended for a claim to be filed against DePuy without help from our knee implant lawyers in Missouri. Our lawyers have the experience and passion needed to fight for your case and will ensure that you receive the most in compensation for your case.

Missoui Depuy Hip and Attune Knee Implant Lawsuit Lawyers

A faulty or bad hip or knee implant can create even more pain and trouble for those that are looking for relief from their worn down knees or hips. If you have sustained discomfort or pain after receiving a DePuy Attune knee implant in Missouri, you may be eligible to recover compensation. Our DePuy hip and Attune knee implant lawyers understand just how painful it can be to deal with pain or discomfort from a product that is supposed to provide you with comfort, so our attorneys are committed to helping those negatively affected by these devices. Our lawyers offer free consultations and use a contingency plan so that victims of these defective devices won’t have to worry about paying for legal services until when and if our attorneys recover damages for your case. If you or someone you love has suffered from pain, discomfort or device failure from a DePuy hip or Attune knee implant, don’t hesitate to contact our DePuy hip and Attune lawyers in Missouri to discuss your case today.

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