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Most people are familiar with the strange saga of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but Apple has had some issues with its iPhone 8 that are slipping a little bit under the radar. The Guardian reports that Apple is investigating reports of the new iPhone 8 Plus smartphones being deformed by swollen batteries. Apple has confirmed it is looking into the issue and the company has had occasional problems in the past, but they seem to have been isolated manufacturing hiccups and so far no major iPhone battery explosion claims have been publicized. If your iPhone catches fire, though, you should keep in mind these basic product liability concepts.

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When you start a product liability claim in St. Louis, it’s important to secure legal counsel with experience. Dixon Injury Firm’s personal injury and workers comp lawyers make sure clients have the resources they need to win a claim. Here are a couple questions to ask St. Louis product liability lawyers:

How much does legal representation cost clients? This depends on the battery explosion claim and other factors. We utilize a contingency plan, meaning our services are free.

How much would I win? Again, this also depends on the case. Dixon’s St. Louis iPhone explosion lawyers fight to win clients medical expenses, personal hardship, and other compensation.

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Apple Would Likely Be Strictly Liable

If Apple’s phone did heat up and cause damage, the company would probably have to pay for the damage. This is because basic American law says that when a company manufactures a product and sells it to the general public that company will be strictly liable for any harm caused if the product was defective. It usually will not matter exactly what went wrong or if it was the fault of some subcontractor for Apple.

To be specific, Missouri Statutes Section 537.760 says that a “product liability claim” occurs when (1) the defendant sold a product as part of a business, (2) the product was used as reasonably anticipated, and (3) the product was either defective or it was unreasonably dangerous to sell without an adequate warning. This covers the three basic types of product liability: (1) design defects, (2) manufacturing defects, and (3) failure to warn.

Design Defects

A design defect is a problem that is inherent with the product no matter how well it is built. In the Samsung Note 7 case, the battery was apparently initially designed with the two electrodes too close together so that over time they could wind up touching and short circuiting.

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect occurs when a batch of well-designed products are damaged in the manufacturing process. The replacement batteries for the Samsung Note 7 actually suffered from a manufacturing defect that again left the electrodes vulnerable to touching. After this second failure, the Note 7 was discontinued.

Failure to Warn

A failure to warn, or warning defect, occurs when a product is sold to the public with inherent risks that are not reasonably disclosed. For a phone, this could be a hypothetical situation where maybe the phone explodes when it is plugged in for too long. That would certainly require a warning at least.

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