St. Louis Tent Collapses Killing One and Injuring Many More

According to, a tent blew over killing one man and injuring several others in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The incident took place Saturday afternoon during a party following the St. Louis Cardinals’ win against the Milwaukee Brewers. The tent was located at Kilroy’s Bar near the stadium where a few hundred people were celebrating the Cardinals victory. During the celebration, a strong storm swept through the St. Louis downtown area causing extremely high winds and golf-ball sized hail.

During the storm, the tent blew over causing flying debris to blow into the crowd of fans. It has been reported that one man has passed away due to a heart attack during the event. It is unclear as to whether the flying debris caused the heart attack; however, onlookers estimated the winds at approximately 60 mph. In addition to the individual’s death, sixteen others were hospitalized, 5 of which were deemed to be in critical condition. According to the report, the 5 individuals in critical condition yesterday, have been downgraded to serious condition. Also, 100 other people were given medical treatment at the scene.

The City of St. Louis is currently investigating the construction of the tent that collapsed during yesterday’s celebratory event. St. Louis City requires tents to tolerate much higher winds than what took place during the storm. Furthermore, the article quoted St. Louis Building Commissioner Frank Oswald saying, “Our tent guidelines require the manufacturer’s specifications on the tent to be able to withstand it (wind) up to 90 miles per hour…Clearly, it did not withstand it in this situation.” Also, St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson was quoted as saying, “We have severe injuries to quite a few people.”

The investigation continues as to the construction of the tent and the exact cause of the individual’s death. If you have been injured as the result of a products negligent design or construction, contact a St. Louis personal injury lawyer to discuss your rights of reimbursement for your harms and losses.

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